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Complementing the 250e
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Author Complementing the 250e
Calling all buchla pros!

I am about to order a model 250e and would like to add one more module to compliment it. I already have a 259e.

I was thinking a about adding a 291e, but have started to think about perhaps adding a 256e or 281e instead. From those who have experience with both, what say you?

James P.
from my research i'd say a 291e, as you have pretty decent adjustment to voltages via the 250e (for what the 256e offers), you're only really missing the ability to mix voltages together extensively. the 281e generates envelopes and pulses which the 250e can do as well to much more complexity. but to have another sound sculpting tool would be awesome, but it's all really up to you and what your end goal for generating and controlling sound is.
easiest answer is buy all three. applause
As far as complementing the 250e, I would say the 281e. You can then drive the pulse input on the 250e and use it as a S&H. Have it sample either another section of the 281e or the mod osc on your VCO. The set the stage voltages on the 250e and you have quantized S&H. Plus it's cheaper. Maybe you can also get a 292e and still be within your one-module budget.
If you don't already have a 281e (or some envelope generator) that you're going to use with the 250e, I would suggest that. Especially since each of the 4 sections can be run as a cycling EG (eg. LFO) as well as a clock source (cycling mode, using the pulse out).

If you're set for the EGs, the 256e would be an awesome addition. At a very basic level you can use it to attenuate/scale the voltages coming out of the 250e beyond what you get from the 250e itself (could be very helpful if you're planning to integrate the 250e with non-buchla gear), but on a much more interesting level, you can generate an additional pair of different voltages from each 1 and 2 programmed voltage outputs from the 250e.

For example:
250e CV out 1 -> 256e section 1 in + 256e section 2 in (mult/stack cables)
250e CV out 2 -> 256e section 3 in + 256e section 4 in (mult/stack cables)

Now you can set separately scaled and/or inverted voltage sources from each of the 256e sections in addition to the voltage source from the 250e itself. Sure, they wouldn't be independent, they would always be related to whatever is coming out of the 250e, but it would be a differently scaled voltage. A complicated dynamic mult if you will. Allowing you to use one of the sequencer outputs for Pitch *and* timbre changes, without being the exact same value.

The 210e might be similarly useful, but not quite as flexible in terms of scaling as the 256e.
thanks for the replies you guys! To answer some questions and give some more background. I only have space and budget for one more module. The 259e and 250e would be my only modules in addition to the third. No other EG's at the moment to speak of. Although, I do have the clone 281 and 292 pcb's sitting around waiting for me to begin working on.

I was originally thinking 291e because it's ability to morph is very attractive. It seems like a very deep and fun module. And I think it would pair very well with the 259e.

Reason I started thinking about adding a 281e is due to the present lack of eg's, although I'm under the impression the 250e can be used as a complex envelope generator. Not sure though what to expect from that. Will presumbably be pleasently surprised. But compared to what the 281e does when it comes to envelopes, it's a bit of a mystery. Also, the 250e, 281e, and 259e all in a boat would be my "generator" boat.

The reason for thinking about adding a 256e is because it seems like a nice tool to sculpt cv's and thus fill any void that might be left due to the lack of present dedicated eg's.

So in short, I thought perhaps the 250e,291e, and 259e, might be very powerful on the sequencer side of things, but be lacking in the composition of long evolving textures of sounds. I would like a nice mix of both sequenced notes and evolution of timbres, if at all possible.

You all rule. Thanks for helping me suss this out.
dougcl wrote:
As far as complementing the 250e, I would say the 281e. You can then drive the pulse input on the 250e and use it as a S&H. Have it sample either another section of the 281e or the mod osc on your VCO. The set the stage voltages on the 250e and you have quantized S&H...

Agreed! thumbs up ... but if you have PCB's for a 281 & 292 I would suggest the 256e.

You really need an EG and LPG to fully exploit the 250e, and a 256e would make the whole scenario more interesting...
if Chris Muir does a second run the Pendulum Ratchet would rock with a 250e
thanks for the replies!

I think the best course of action for now would be to build the 292 and 281, see how well they work with the 259, and then place the order for the 250e and accompanying module. Thanks for helping me clear some things up.

For those of you who have built the 292 and 281 electromusic projects, how we'll have they integrated with the 200e?
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