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Hex 909 Clap problems
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Author Hex 909 Clap problems
When I fired up my 909 Clap, it just make a "tick" noise. If I turned up the Intensity I would hear the cycling of the envelope. If I turned the Noise knobs *while* I triggered it, I could get something more like a Clap sound.

Then I realized I'd never connected the #1 & #2 connections on the Noise pots. But that made no difference.

Then I realized I hadn't connected the #2 & #3 connections on the Level pot. I fixed that and then everything worked great.

Then I turned it off to tie down wires and such. When I turned it back on (and every time since), I just get the "tick" noise. If I twist the Noise pots while I trigger it, the noise appears in the sound, but the knobs have to be moving.

Any ideas???

Hmm, this honestly sounds like it could be a mechanical malfunction. Have you overheated the pots while soldering and resoldering maybe? Perhaps there is a cold solder joint that is intermittent and is only getting activated when you move things around.

Sorry I don't have anything easier to suggest other than to look over your panel wiring work, and maybe consider replacing the pot that is behaving erratically like that. Sometimes the wiper element in a potentiometer can become damaged from heat or debris getting into the pot.
There must be a curse on me lately... I swapped out the pots that were acting weird, and *nothing* changed. But then later I turned it back on and it worked just fine.

So I went ahead and wired in my Hex909 Snare (they're all in one 2u panel) and the Snappy and Tone knobs have no effect on the sound. Tune and Level work and it makes a basic drum sound.

Then later I powered the whole thing back on and the Snappy works! Tone still does nothing though...

EDIT: Tone is fixed. I was using a 500R pot instead of a 500K very frustrating

I have a Kick, Clap and Snare together in this rack panel. The Kick works perfectly, and is supplying the noise to the other two. But usually on power-up, the Clap and Snare both have problems (as previously described). If I power it down and back on, that often makes things work...

Drew (not giving up because they sound GREAT when they work!)
This problem re-appeared today, so I took a very close and careful look at the "noise" section.

What do you know, a cold solder joint on one end of a resistor!

That explains the intermittent nature of the problem.

LOVE MY HEX 909 SlayerBadger!

Thanks for the great PCBs!

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