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i think i hate my MOOG VOYAGER.
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Author i think i hate my MOOG VOYAGER.
I coax all sort of tones, dark and vintagy, smooth modern, old synthi style fm, radiophonic static, distorted drones, the harshest noise, totally wonky broken out of tune melodies, buchla bongos & all manner of wild percussive resonant goodness. AND it can do all this in stereo!

Lack of bass lol

For me its the synth for life.
I have both a Voyager Performer - early production and a 78 Mini D plus a very large MU system. The Voyager is the hub of all that as Midi CV Convertor, Keyboard and for accent colors. I have a cheap Alesis stereo tube preamp that I run the Voyager though that gives it a lot more girth. Output levels on mine stink. Played more recent ones and they are louder and fuller sounding. Eventually I want to get an API quad 501 setup in 500 format for use with the Voyager and the Buchla.

Overall the Voyager works for me. I have a ton of presets I like to begin with that i then tweak. Some people hate the presets but there are over a thousand of them, organized into manageable banks and by themes, and if you notate well they are easy to Navigate towards and when tweaked make a great custom sound. I bought mine used for $2100 which is not atypical for the Performer series. Great Swiss Army Knife synth. Perfect for band gigs too. World's most expensive Midi to CV convertor. Wish the keyboard was poly out though.
If you are looking for bass, I highly recommend the moog minitaur. I can't get it to sound bad. It has a very different oscillator structure from the voyager (it can't play above e4) and sounds unique to me. I also have a large 5U system and minibrute and just built an ambika, but I always end up going to the minitaur for bass - very quick and easy to dial in exactly what I am looking for.
I had a voyager as well, it is a very nice instrument but for me it lacked character. I have a number of things I regret selling, the Voyager is not one of them.
Christopher Winkels wrote:

I've been far more happy with the Sub Phatty. I'd imagine the new Sub 37 is as good or better.

I've had the Voyager OS, LIttle, and sub phatty's, and now the sub 37.
I Flipped the OS and the Little. Sure the voyager has "more powers" than my current selection, but I find the newer stuff much easier to work with and, well, presets, you know? Pretty handy on stage. I'll leave the danger in my Eurorack rig.
stellvia wrote:
I'll just put this here, it deserves to be on any Voyager discussion thread! Apologies if you've heard it before. Created by BTByrd and is one of the reasons I bought my Voyager.

Fair demo, shows the tremendous modulation possibilities + programmability (love) combined with the brittle and plasticky basic tone (hate)... For me tone wins out, so I'm in the "hate" category... I don't think any modern synth, any reissue really nails it today so it's unfair to put the blame all on Moog.

For me... I basically "replaced" its role in my setup with an Arp 2600 (standard grey version) a few years ago and things took a huge step forward, never looked back... still never tried a vintage Mini
I love my Voyager, it is probably the most versatile semi-modular/fixed architecture synth I own, sound wise. The nice thing about the voyager other than is that it has a huge palette, is that it is hard to make it sound bad. Also it is a great control center for all you CV gear (eurorack and 5U included). The voyager doesn't sound quite as "raw" and "alive" as some vintage analog synths but it is at least 90% of the way there and has far more sonic options than most.

I have plenty of other synths when I want a specific sound, but if I need the Moog sound or just a versatile analog voice the voyager is what I reach to without hesitation. Honestly the voyager is my most used synth (even more used than my super cherished polygamist). Finally it does need a little taming to sit well in a mix but I think any truly great instrument should need some taming to play well with others (solo it should wail unabashedly)
Can you take an output > back in to the voyager seriously, i just don't get it
leeski wrote:
Can you take an output > back in to the voyager seriously, i just don't get it

Are you talking about the old minimoog overload trick? Becuase you totally can. The easiest way is to patch the headphones out into the external input for the mixer.
I saw Rick Wakeman recently talk about the fact that the original Minimoog suddenly allowed keyboard players to play lead and rise above the rest of the band. As he said, up to then it was just trying to punch through with a Hammond or a Rhodes. The Minimoog was then a big f.u. To the guitarist.

In turn, I guess the Voyager is what it is. Maybe the new(er) Minimoog or maybe just the new Hammond or Rhodes. Or not.

I guess whether it fits into your mix really depends on what you do with it and, well, your mix.

My Voyager still makes me smile. Maybe that's my mix. Rockin' Banana!
Great synth but not for everyone. Too clean for me too.
This is really interesting to read. It took me ages to fall in love w. my Sub 37. Years. It strangely wasn't until I got a MiniMoog that I loved the Sub. Suddenly, all of its modulation capabilities made sense. All of this said, there is a still a part of me that regrets selling the MicroMoog to afford the MiniMoog. There was something so instant, so inspiring about the micro.

As someone who constantly sells synths to afford other synths, I know too well the regret! I also know too well how I can allow my past enjoyment of an instrument to balloon in my mind. And likewise, my disappointment w. a current instrument. So much depends on the attitude we bring to these suckers.
I didn’t read each post in detail so if it was mentioned already, sorry. But have those of you who don’t like your voyager tried the dummy in the audio jack trick. Takes out the second filter and I like it much better that way. I put mine in years ago and never take it out. Definitely changes the character.

Since this is in a synth noise category I’ll mention I’ve used my voyager RME to great effect live for dark ambient and noise. It literally rattles the rafters when put into a decent PA so I’m not sure where the “no low end/bass” thoughts are coming from. For me it’s versatility is also in those violent screeching filters. I used to bring an original MS20 out for that but even thought the architecture is totally different I have found the dual clay aged filters give me the same gusto, maybe even even more.

FWIW I had the full keyboard (the sweet black/ blue speckled version) but sold it and picked up a RME for portability. I never gelled with the tough pad and honestly like the layout of the RME more. Sound is identical to my ears.

The voyager is not a minimoog although there is a LOT of overlap. Remember this was made long before the current lineup with there various distortion and other circuits added. But , to me, it can sound just as ballsy and violent as any vintage I have played with, especially for noise musik. Low pulsing growls, drones with multiple waveform sweeps VCOs, etc. we're not worthy

I honestly haven’t used the various in and outs at all. I just set it up. Plug in some midi controller or sequencer and go. I also frequently just flip the switch to catch a note in hold mode and go to town with the voyager solo into a delay. The only complaints I ever got from people listening were about the volume but hey, it’s a noise show nanners

To each their own and I can see where some people might say it’s “sterile”compared to some vintage 1970s piece. I’m not one of them mind you Guinness ftw!
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