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Sounds of Frac videos
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Author Sounds of Frac videos
These are also posted over in the VideoSynth section,
but I figured some of you might not see them over there.

As the audio is all Frac modules I thought it would be worthwhile to share them here as well.

Optocouplers (vactrols) smooth the transitions between visual patterns as they cycle through this sequential switch.
The audio is clocked in sync with the video.
All sounds were generated by Blacet, and MOTM Frac modular synthesizer.
Video was produced by LZX synthesizer, and processed by Edirol V-8 mixer.

Audio - Frac Modular Synth

Video - LZX Modular Synth & Dave Jones MVIP through Edirol V8

This video employs the SMRL Vactrol Sequential Switch at its heart.
The live mixing and some of the effects were done on an Edirol V8.

The timing of all video and audio events was clocked via MIDI routed through a Flame Clockwork and divided down by CGS/Metalbox Pulse Divider & Logic.

The 2 tom sounds were generated by a CGS/Metalbox Dual Drum mixed through a BugBrand PT Delay.
The delay time was modulated by a BugBrand Touch Panel and an Ian Fritz Jerkster chaos.

The other percussion sound was a trigger into a MOTM 1490 Moog Ladder VCF through a MOTM 1190 VCA and a BugBrand VCA all with modulation.

The lead synth was sequenced on a Blacet Binary Zone and quantized to scale by a Mini Wave.
The audio is a Blacet VCO saw - Ian Fritz 5 Pulser - Ian Fritz Threeler - BugBrand VCA - MOTM Resampling MiniDelay

There are some modulation and timing details omitted for the sake of brevity. ha.
Sorry I didn't see this earlier. These are great, both as visual and audio experiences.

thanks for posting them.
chamomileshark wrote:
Sorry I didn't see this earlier. These are great, both as visual and audio experiences.

thanks for posting them.

Thank you for taking the time to watch, listen, and comment. Guinness ftw!
Those are excellent! I especially like the second one where there are the rows of "bullets" with digital goo running down them... very trippy :-)

Thanks Drew.

The PC was only used to record BTW.
No editing, just straight recording of audio and video live from the synth.

All the post synth processing of the video was from hands on control of the V8 mixer's on board effects.

The mixer was crossfading between the raw LZX feed
and LZX processed by MVIP.
The crossfades were programmed to occur on every 4th beat.
These are beautiful! Very nice sounds in the second vid.
Thanks arrmcbain and johnnypatterson.

Welcome to the forum Johnny.

Are you a Frac user?
very enjoyable

ripping the audio so i can listen during work commute

the visuals in the first clip were super cool
missed these until just now....... thanx!!

thumbs up
Top notch sound and vision. I loved the second piece.

Thanks again guys.

I will make more of these in time.

Coffee Addiction FTW
The drones are from the filtered video source processed by LZX
and some Frac filters: Ian Fritz Threeler (modulated by Jerkster), and Luna SSM2044 DarkSide LPF.
Euro filters used include Analogue Systems RS360, and Malekko Borg 2.
You can see the effect of all these filters on the video as well as hearing it on the audio.

All the drum sounds are Frac.

One drum is:
- CGS dual drum (MetalBox) channel A > STG WaveFolder,
Binary Zone > MiniWave Scale Quantizer > Blacet VCO > STG WaveFolder,
Micro LFO modulating VCO waveshape and WaveFolder gain,
Blacet VCA modulated by Blacet EG1.

Other drum is:
- CGS dual drum (MetalBox) channel B > BugBrand VCA Drive (soft clip) input amplitude modulated by Micro LFO,
BB Drive > SynthTech GX VCF (lowpass mode),
Triggers to ping GX VCF,

Both processed drums get mixed and further processed by SynthTech Resampling Mini-Delay (tape mode)

Triggers conditioned by Blacet Window Comparator
and arranged by Blacet Frequency Divider (3120), CGS (MetalBox) Divider & Logic

The whole mix went through a Strymon Blue Sky (plate mode) to add a little reverb.

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