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Author shnthplorations
This marks the beginning of what I am coining "shnthplorations": a series of videos marking my progress and study of my beloved shnth. There will be a general opcode of focus and a location for each shnthploration. For this inaugural event, the opcode is wind and the location is part of my backyard.

My shnth is on my bedside end table every night and I often like to have a sip of water followed by a brief bit of shnthing before falling asleep. I like to lay there facing the ceiling in the dark, imagining another place as I wander about in a few bowls of bouillabaisse. I often imagine the sound being both the auditory and visual stimuli surrounding me. The concept of shnthploration is to model this idea. I intend on experimenting with camera use, placement, and general wobblyness however all audio will always be only what is available to me in fish recorded directly into my camera. I will share each batch of code here along with each video post; the code will often be a "work in progress" and is intended to be both recipe and ingredient. Additionally, I intend on following each with a brief discussion on what is and is not in each code; what I get and what I don't. What I like, and where I will go.

Code for shnthploration01:

{(left (right
(waveb (wave (wind )2 (water (dust (bar ))(corp 62 )(barb 45 )))(dustb (corp ))(dust 2 ))
(waterb (dustd (sauce 67 (barc )))(slew (bard 123 )2 3 )(barc )55 )))(srate (togo (minor )0 1 (and (corp )(corpb ))))(jump (minord 1 ))(lights (and (corp )(corpb )))};speak
{(left (right
(waveb (combb (wind )1 125 125 )(dustg (barb ))(dusth (barc )))
(waterb (dustd (sauce 67 (barc )))(slew (bard 123 )2 3 )(barc )99 ))
)(srate (and (wind )(dustf (bar ))))(jump (minord 1 ))(lights (and (corp )(corpb )))};white
{(left (right
(smoke (mount (corpb )99 12 ))
(wave (wind )2 (water (dust (bar ))(corp 62 )(barb 45 )))
(waterb (dustd (sauce 67 (barc )))(slew (bard 123 )2 3 )(barc )55 )))(srate (togo (minor )0 1 (and (corp )(corpb ))))(jump (minord 1 ))(lights (and (corp )(corpb )))};just
{(left (right (wind )))(jump  (minord 1 ))(lights (wind ))};wavefun1
{(left (right
(comb (wave (wind )(dust 2 99 )(slew (bar 90 123 )2 2 )66 )23 126 124 )
(combb (waveb (wind )(dustb 3 77 )(slewb (barb 84 -106 )2 2 )66 )16 99 126 )
(combc (wavec (wind )(dustc 2 64 )(slewc (barc -25 30 )2 3 )68 )3 126 123 )
(combd (waved (wind )(dustd 3 34 )(slewd (bard -85 40 )2 4 )77 )1 126 99 )
(water (duste 23 )(barb 35 3 )(bar )55 )
(fogc (dustf (bard ))(barc )66 (sauce 52 (smoke ))(sauceb 111 (smokeb ))99 )
))(jump (minord 1 ))(lights (wind ))}

Code discussion: Minord is used to jump between each bowl (aka change preset). minora is used to change srate settings for 'windpart' and 'white' bowls. There is typically a water sound on bars a/b and a fog sound on c/d for playing on top of whatever wind is doing.

I've noticed issues with this use of togo: it seems to work fine with the shnth running off of the usb port while connected to the computer, however when I'm unplugged listening through headphones, it seems like switching to the 'and mode' makes it get stuck in a certain state. Hitting the minora gets it back out of the stuck state, but I'm not exactly sure what is going on with it. This was my first foray into using togo; perhaps I'm just doing something wrong but perhaps not... seriously, i just don't get it

On a possibly related note, I've noticed that it seems my use of lights often causes issues whenever the shnth is unplugged from the computer. The primary example is when I'm just listening to wind by itself inside the dacs. I put wind inside of lights to indicate the level being seen and have no interaction between the two while plugged into the computer. Once its unplugged however lights seems to cut into the audio (examples include the boots scene and the apple recording scene). I've noticed similar issues with using lights to monitor the states of the coprs. One thing I came accross as a possible culprit was low battery levels but I left the shnth charging overnight once to check this and it didn't seem to help (although I did notice once that when the battery did seem to be dying that it was exhibiting a similar problem with pulsing the audio and cutting the sound... curious what other people do to keep their charge and what sorts of things they've experienced with low batteries.

Aside from the above mention issues, I've found wind to be a very interesting sounding opcode. I love the raw sound of it alone in the dacs. I also noticed that it works well in several ways that I didn't expect (for example, mul wind with wind for a sort of dead mute... or do the same only filter wind and mul the filter with wind... or the cutoff...). Using mul and add help to control the dynamic response of wind as it is easily 'overblown' (often times a good thing though). In particular, the 'wavefun1' bowl is highly sensitive to mic levels; I'm not completely clear on the full 'capacity' of the processing power on the shnth, but it seems to get a bit overloaded when running many instances of comb at high feedback settings. I've fiddled and continue to with mul and add a lot on this bowl to try and get it all where I want it but can't quite strike the right balance of input gain and comb feedback.
Great! Waiting for more...
Sensualist approach to the Shnth. Just as nature intended. Thank you, friend. Keep them coming. The essay is great too.
Paranormal Patroler
Following with great interest. thumbs up
Hi adamon, great patch. A newbie question: is there an easy way to load the patch via fish? Tried to save the code as .txt and open seriously, i just don't get it

if you are on mac try using the program textwrangler I have never had luck getting other peoples patches working unless I use this program to save the files with

no idea why

although this was also with the older (not the one that is currently on PBs page) version of FISH
could be character code or it doesn't matter? I save those files as UTF8 without BOM and no problem. One thing to try, find a working file and open it, replace the content with the code in the post, save it and try. The code posted did work for me (by the way my Fish version is right before the latest)
perfect, textwrangler did the job.

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