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Desert Island mini case + MFB Semi-modular
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Author Desert Island mini case + MFB Semi-modular
Hey there, just found this board! Must say it has been very helpful so far, so I thought I'd maybe ask for a little advice.

I love my Korgs ( we're not worthy MS10 MS20) and I use them for everything, but I'm looking for some good compliments to them. Portability is also a big factor for me as I'd like to take whatever it is with me when i play shows/jam with friends. I use Live and Max/MSP which I've recently been using to create CV through my Motu (who needs volta?)

So I want to start off small with maybe a MFB Kraftzwerg and a Doepfer a-100 miniature case with a few modules. I like things that give unique character like The Harvestman Polivoks... All the Make Noise stuff really interests me, but I'm still a little unsure how I would use it. I understand analog synthesis, but I've never really played with a modular.

So I guess I'll phrase the question like this:

If you were going to have either a Kraftzwerg or a Schlagzwerg and a Doepfer mini case, which currently available modules would you choose to fill it with?

    a 2nd VCA (A-132-3 : 8HP)
    a multiple (A-180 : 4HP)
    a multimode filter
Of course there is tons of possibilities.

One set with Kraftzwerk which would work quite nicely for me:

2 of 3: TipTop Z2040 Prophet 5 filter + vca 8HP or Doepfer A-124 Wasp multimode filter 8HP or Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer 8HP
Doepfer A-138c Polarizing mixer 8HP
Doepfer A-148 S&H 4HP
Passive Halfling of your choice 4HP
= 32HP
I think I'd need a delay in there somewhere... Looks like the Sounds of Shadows will be really interesting. That plus Wasp is 20hp... A132-3 vca + 4hp multiple = 32

What good BBD delays are out there? I think i'd prefer analog delay for adding color, but SoS looks like a great unit. What are the Doepfer BBDs like?
I love my 4096BDD : it's fine for reverbs or delays and the open feedback loop is a lot of fun. But alone, without a dedicated filter, it's a bit noisy. Furthermore, a mixer come in handy (because the wet signal is filtered, it's better to mix it with the dry signal outside the BDD). Total : 14+8+8=30HP
shameless plug, i have a very gently used doepfer beauty case for sale if you want to dip your toes in gently before the tide comes to get you. sorry fpr the plug, now back to the conversation at hand.
Very tempting. I might take you up on it, but I need to ask my buddy if he actually is planning on selling his doepfer case or not.

I'm rethinking how I'm approaching this. I have two semi modular squelchy synths and I have Volta like control using Max/MSP. What I need is some currently unobtainable sonic character. The QMMG looks very interesting and useful and capable of traveling between east/west synthesis, though its big if I'm considering a minicase.

I can program strange EGs, LFOs, Log/exp curves with max/msp so I think Wogglebug and Maths I can put off for now. So it seems like I should focus on a few modules that shape or create sound in a unique way . At least until I have oodles of cash with which to build a fully modular analog setup.
My only suggestion would be that you'll likely outgrow a beauty case before I finish typing this p...

I suggest:
TipTop Z3000 VCO
TipTop Z2040 VCF/VCA (saves space and power having the VCA in the filter)
Doepfer A-140 ADSR or Doepfer A-145 LFO whichever modulator you find more useful

because the Z3000 is wider than 8hp/te you won't cram a 4th module in there, but a 4hp/te passive mult is a possibility

my minicase currenty has:
TipTop Z3000
Doepfer A-120 VCF (should have gotten the Z2040)
Doepfer A-140 ADSR
Doepfer A-132 Dual VCA (no LFO/ADSR because of space)

I cascade the CV-input on the Z3000 to modulate the VCA or the VCF or both
and then run one of the other waveform outs from the Z3000 as a secondary filter mod
so I am at leas getting some kind of amplitude and filter modulation but my top picks are based on the weaknesses in my current rig
Apparently my friend is selling a couple of cases to buy a suitcase... I just need to figure what he wants for them. Though I'm still considering the mini setup because I would like be able to take my rig to a friends house. But if he gives me a good deal I might start with the big stuff and then decide what to put in the mini.

Yeah I've been looking at the Z2040... I was listening to a few demos and realized the sound of that filter would be a good addition to the MS20 and its small and inexpensive! and the addition of a basic VCA isn't too shabby.
what kind of stuff do you want to do? cause it really depends on that.

If it was me and I was looking at effects I'd be looking at 189-1 bit cruncher, a-106-6 filter, probably a waveshaper, distortion, delays.

One thing is for certain, you're gonna need more space smile
I can agree with the space issue! I was trying to limit myself... but that seems to be flying out the window pretty fast.

I want to find somethings that my current setup can't do and Live, Max/MSP and MS20 (+ odds and ends) can do a lot. Maybe some interesting analog bleepy percussive sounds, some creamy synth pads... and you know... discover a few new ways a synth can rip out your large intestine and make you a hat from your own entrails.

something like that.
Jason Brock
The Z2040 is an excellent choice. I have one in my minicase right now, along with an A-190-2 MIDI/CV and an MFB Dual Envelope. I just wanted a few modules to compliment my Moogerfoogers. I also have an Elby Synthacon filter that will go in once I figure out the half-rack DIY case I'm trying to build.

I'm brand new to this modular stuff too, just got a kraftzwerg a couple weeks ago, so don't really know what I'm talking about, but...
The Kraftzwerg doesn't have glide and the midi is pretty rinkydink, so the A-190-2 MIDI/CV or something like it if you plan on using a midi controller...
I have a Kraftzwerg and no case of tidy modules but use it with a few moogerfoogers (the mooger low pass filter has knocked the kw's out of use, get a better filter) and an assblaster. The make noise maths does a ton that would add _alot_ to the kraftzwerg, I want one.
I've stopped and started planning a modular scene a couple times because of space and money, and at this point my table has the kraftzwerg, 2 moogerfoogers, and the kv-100 on it next to me with patch cables of different sizes and adapters all over the place. I'm seeing why a 6u rack and standard format on the front end makes good sense now. Having fun though! Rack is next, absolutely maybe.
Ask your pal t cut you a deal on two beauty boxes and consider the following:

1 box:
A119 Preamp @ 8hp
A198 Ribbon Controller @ 8hp
A138d Effect Insert @ 8hp
A180 Multiples @ 4hp
A160 Clock Divider @ 4hp

2 box:
Plague Bearer @ 8hp
Malgorithm @ 9 hp
Polivoks VCF @ 10hp
A Sol Mixer M61 @ 4hp

This offers a lot of audio (or cv w. Malg & Plague) processing. You will need a multiple at least and the mixer is a good 4hp. The Clocj=k Divider can be used for audio division or clock/lfo divisions. The Insert module makes all of your stomp boxes into modules and acts as a crossfader. The preamp allows for processing of instruments or allows you to use a cheesy Casio beat (or anything else) as a trigger making monster. The ribbon gives you another controller w/ gates to use as a percussion trigger or pitched controller. Malgorithm is as good on CV as it is w/ Audio... use subtley. Plauge B. acts a waveshaper/filter/static tone control or vc controlled wierd maker. The Polyvoks VCF will be a good contrast to the Kraftzwerg.

ANyway... let us know how you go.
Thanks this is super helpful. Its hard to figure out the tricks (like using the preamp for trigger making) by just reading about modules.

my friend is actually selling his doepfer rackmount cases to buy a monorocket. So I'm thinking of either buying one of his 6u or a monorocket mission6 myself.

So then I'd probably buy just a couple modules to start with.

My wishlist not in order:

Tyme Sefari with SoT
Plague Bearer
A160 with A161
random vca/mixer/multiple modules

Might start with the Tyme Sefari+SoT, Z2040 + Maths for doing interesting things with my MS20[/img]
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