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AM Synths AM8044 (SSM2044) DIY need help
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Author AM Synths AM8044 (SSM2044) DIY need help
Check Mate
Dear fellow wigglers,

I have built an Am Synths 8044 SSM2044 Filter module.
It works only partly and there are some issues.

1. The Cutoff Pot has a very small range and it doesn't close at all.

2. The FILTRIM Trimmer has no effect whatsoever though the trimmer itself was tested again and is working properly.

3. Also both OFFSET trimmers for the Filter AND the VCA seem to have no effect at all (The V/Oct does however).

I double checked all resistors.
I have built the module after the Schematics from the 2.0 project notes.

Am8044 Build Doc

Everything else (CV Ins / Signal Ins / Resonance) works.

If someone has a ready built or successfully built model and would send me a high-res shot of the PCBs to compare the resistor values etc. I'd be really grateful.
Check Mate
I just checked all the resistors and capacitors again and they are correct according to the schematics.
The FILTTRIM Trimmer does have an effect but only very subtle and the filter doesen't close with the trimmer maxed out and the Cutoff knob fully counterclockwise.

Has nobody got an idea where to start or a ready built module to send me some high-res shots?

Check Mate
Problem solved...thread can be closed!

so what was the problem? I will start building mine soon. AMSynth's BOMs are very often faulty...

Check Mate

First of all...nice avatar...I really love the STALKER movie!!

First of all you should build the 8044 after the schematics and not after the BOM.
The Problem with the 8044 was that on the "Filter Board" Resistor R8 has to be 33k
In addition to that R2, R3, R4 and R5 on the "Filter Board" have to be 100k resistors!!
That did the trick. I also used a 100k reverse log Pot for the resonance which should lead to a smoother graduation into oscillation but you can also use a 100k linear pot.

That should be all you have to take care of!
Good luck on your build!!
Thanks for the tips! thumbs up

(And yes, watching Stalker is always an aesthetical shock.)
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