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DIY - Newbie - Where to get started.
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Author DIY - Newbie - Where to get started.
Okay.....I want to start to learn to build my own stuff.....
Where do I start?
What equipment do I need?
Good first kit?

for a comprehensive tools list go here:

as far as kits, my first build was a blacet dual linear vca. i'd say any of the half space kits by blacet would be great starting places.

the splitter/mixer, scanner, sequential switch, micro lfo and dual vca are all useful modules and simple to build.

i've also documented my last three builds if you wanna get some idea of what's involved.
Muff Wiggler
yep, i think you're in the right spot! get a GOOD QUALITY soldering iron, a decent DMM, some pliers and wirecutters etc... then dive in and ask any questions you get!
yea, the right and good quality tools really make the difference. It's worth the extra money. It really does make a big difference. As I have said before, I used to hate DIY until I got the right tools, now I love it.
Thanks for the help guys....Kwote, I am going to go through your blog builds for sure. That will give me a better idea of what I am getting myself into!
I'll third (or fourth?) that good tools are a must - not neccessarily insanely expensive professional tools, but sort of - get something like a low-end Weller soldering station instead of a cheapo Radio Shack one, et cetera. Kind of, you don't need to get all-tube insanely expensive boutique gear to get stuff done, but don't get Behringer either or you'll just lose your inspiration fighting with extra noise and other problems lol

Limor / Ladyada has some nice recommendations: ... The "better kit" level is what I'd aim for. One addition: get a workspace/table that's ergonomic (high/low enough to work on comfortably) you can keep tidy, that has enough space, and good light. I can't stress the least point enough - seeing what you're doing in good light will save you from lots of trouble and headache Guinness ftw!
i've got a nice fold out table. it doubles as my table for jamming away from home too! cost me 50 bucks at Sears.

for the Soldering a Weller WTCPT is all you need. just barely over 100 bucks and i was rollin.
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