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Paia midi to cv
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Author Paia midi to cv
I have been struggling with this thing for ages.....the pin system is a terrible design or at least how they present them in the manual. How should the pins be set? What is up what is closed? What should it look like for mode 2 2 voices. So confused seriously, i just don't get it Pics if you have em?
I haven't had one in ages but if you are referring to the DIP switch, then up is ON.

I do suggest you email Paia who probably knows the answer!
oh ok that helps, will email him! Just incase you see this first:
how do the numbers read? 1-8 from bottom to top or top to bottom?
I don't have it in front of me but I do believe up is on. Try setting channel 1 and if it doesn't work then do the opposite!

Scott Lee sent me some specs for an 8 and 16 rotary position logic switch that can be used to "dial in" the MIDI Channel or the Mode. I might end up designing a new panel for it but it should be great if you change settings all the time and have poor up close eye sight like I do!
Scott send me some stuff, still not working for the mode I want. I am trying to use mode 3, the 4 voice mode. I have all the pins down except the 3rd from top pin. That should activate mode 3 on midi channel one rite?
That's correct. I just started using that mode for a part that needs 4 independent voices on different MIDI channels, starting off the base channel #1. It's working fine for me. 4 voices, 4 gates. Polyphonic bliss!
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