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Postman - Hard to trigger
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Author Postman - Hard to trigger
I substituted some op amps in place of the TLC274's. I don't think my substitution was single supply, in that there is both a VDD and a VCC pin upon my substituted op amps. (Instead of just a VCC pin and ground pin = single supply.) Also, I used the recommended cap and resistor values for the envelopes.

My question is this. Do you think my op amp substitution is making the envelope gate hard to trigger?

The unit works, but I have to amplify my gate signal through a separate amplifier to boost the gain, or I cant trigger any of the envelopes. My Hexinverter 909, and SimplSeq are both kinda hard to trigger, but nothing like this.

I've ordered the proper suggested TLC274 op amps, but thought I'd try muff's in the meantime. Comments welcome. Thank you.
So the correct op amps have arrived in the mail today. I replaced them onto the board and fired up the postman. It works very well now, and triggers as desired. I tested it against a liquidHH module and managed to make open and closed HH type percussion. Very fun.

Nice and simple to build (aside for the panel, which I did make custom). I'd recommend the 15$ postman board to DIY'ers. Great affordable utility module to have in the modular.

thumbs up
nice board for 15$. I use mine for drums and extras. works great.
Ambriant wrote:
I substituted some op amps in place of the TLC274's.

Which ones? Strange to post without mentioning them. hmmm.....
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