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a broad range of percussion sounds using only 4 knobs?
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Author a broad range of percussion sounds using only 4 knobs?
This is kinda a conceptual question about how one might get a broad range of percussion sounds using only 4 knobs (I'm talking soft synths - abletons operator). Now keep in mind one knob can be linked to more than one parameter (as is the case with most software)
The reason I ask is I'm trying to set up a set of percussion sounds that I can sequence using the monome and be able to develop completely new "kits" of sounds on the fly. But with a limited set of knobs (which makes it kinda fun actually) I'm wondering what others might think is the best way to go.

Obvious parameters to think about are pitch, pitch mod amount, env decay, filter mod, filter cut off, filter env amount, noise level. lots and lots...

I was thinking maybe linking one knob to amplitude decay and pitch and env decay (all 3 with 1 knob) I'm not at home right now to try that but it seems like it might not work out like I planned.

I'm also thinking maybe I should treat each sound as a "type" where the 4 knobs do different things to each sound.

Anyway, what would you do?
I'm probably completely missing the mark here, but based on playing with the A-117, I would do the following:
Start with noise and run it through a filter. Your first knob controls the filter cutoff.
Ring mod the result with a VCO. Your second knob controls the pitch.
Send the result to the QMMG, and modulate the QMMG with an EG. Your third knob adjusts the EG decay and the fourth the EG attenuator.

I am assuming the noise + filter is a good approximation of the A-117. Other than that, I've used these parameters extensively to get all kinds of percussion sounds.
interesting, I could use an operator with noise and filter sent through a ring mod and then another filter.. although I wouldn't have an env on the second filter the way a modular would.

I do have a modular actually, I'm just trying to set up a comprehensive software "drum machine" for live jam accompaniment.
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