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**Muffwigger Mike live** @ IDOW Ottawa Premiere Wednesday!
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Author **Muffwigger Mike live** @ IDOW Ottawa Premiere Wednesday!
Hello Ottawa/Gatineau and Ottawa Valley synth enthusiasts! Artengine and I will be putting on the Ottawa Premiere of I Dream of Wires on Wednesday, October 8th. It'll be showing at the Arts Court Theatre with performances immediately after in the adjacent Arts Court Studio.

We're hoping for a licensed event, so bring some cash and your ID Guinness ftw!

Please continue to check the Facebook event page for any updates.

Come one come all!



Admission: $10 Advance/$12 Door

Doors open at 7.
Show gets underway by 7:30 sharp!

With performances by:
MUFF WIGGLER (the one and only)


We have some great performances lined up for this very exciting event!

MUFF WIGGLER (Modular Noodler/Techno)
- This Ottawa native is featured in I Dream of Wires and is best known for his role in creating and managing the largest online modular synth community on the planet, He is also featured on the local modular short doc, Modulo!

PARAPHONIQUE (Modular Noodler/Melodic/Abrasive)
- Paraphonique is a music creator based in Gatineau who experiments with vintage and modular synths. He's signed to the local electronic music label, Low Noise Productions ( Check out his zoundz here:

HARD SCIENCE (Modular Video Projections)
- Hard Science brings the stage to life with his hazy, psychedelic video that’s reminiscent of an ‘80s dream. Processing live footage and video clips with a small arsenal of analog machines, Hard Science invites you to experience what it’s like to be trapped inside the circuits of a CRT TV. Check it out!

*Performances will begin after the movie in the adjacent Studio Room.
s o l v e n t
Just a little bump, to add my excitement that Muff Wiggler (aka Mike!) will be performing live at the Ottawa premiere screening! Not to call attention away from the overall-amazing bill... but just thought it was something special to have the MW forum founder playing live on the bill!
I just wanted take a moment to thank all of those who came out last night, and all of those who helped out in putting this event on. it was a resounding success! The place was packed with seriously enthusiastic and extremely attentive modular/synth fans. It was really great to see so many people genuinely interested in something that is so dear to me.

Also, a major thanks to Jason and Robert for making this documentary possible thumbs up

And although Muff was on the bill, he unfortunately had to bow out at the last minute due to a bad case of the flu. Hope you feel better soon! And hopefully we can get you out to play again soon.
I had a great time despite rocking a vicious bout of flu.

Really enjoyed both Modulo and IDOW, but I especially enjoyed the Paraphonique/Hard Science performance. It's always nice to see modular systems out in the wild. A definite high point in my visit to Ottawa.

Big thanks to all concerned.

Agreed, this was a fun time. I hadn't seen IDOW and actually wasn't aware that there were so many similarily interested people in Ottawa.
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