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Arranging 6U
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Author Arranging 6U
I started out with a 3U Doepfer mini system a few months back, and I've since accumulated another 3U worth as well as a standard Doepfer 6U case.
I'm sitting here now with my modules laying all over my desk, screwdriver in hand, and I thought I might write and find out if anyone has any thoughts as to where things might should go.
In looking at others' arrangements, i don't really see any patterns developing. But I'm wondering you whom have more experience might have some thoughts. I'm considering signal flow left to right, for the most part, but I'm not really certain if that's the way to go.
Anyways, here's my collection of modules (currently waiting on the Seq02, the A101-2, and the A150).
I should probably mention that I use Volta with this stuff, and I use it a lot more than I use that A190 MIDI-CV interface. In fact when and if I find a 160/161 that will likely go away.

ok then.
I wouldn't really worry about it.. Just make it look nice.. thumbs up
SlayerBadger! nanners we're not worthy

I think the Seq02 has to go on top dead center.
I try to make *some* sort of order with mine:

Oscillators top left, followed by filters.
Input type modules, bottom left followed my modulation and envelopes.
Effects and such both top and bottom toward the right.
Outputs, mixers, and VCA's far right.
Agreed with VanEck... You could always follow typical signal flow: VCO->VCF->VCA for a row, give or take. You could also put what you patch most to each other together. it really is up to the user.
i try to keep modules that i patch together close to one another. oscillators in the top left, filters under them. anything that i feel i will tweak a lot i will try to place it somewhere where not too many cables will get in the way of the knobs. also, i am kind of a stickler for using every bit of HP in a row (blast you hertz donut!!!). multiples as close to the center of the case as i can get them (that way they aren't that far from anything else). i would probably try to get that ring mod between the oscillators. i would try to get all the audio modules on one side and all the CV voltages on the other.


no matter what you do you will find you want to rearrange the modules after you use them for a bit and decide that certain modules just need to be near one another (like for me: hertz donut and plan b model 13 dual timbral gate HAVE to be near one another)
I think your layout is fine, and it doesn't matter a whole lot...
BUT sometimes rearranging makes you use modules in ways that you didn't as much before
because their proximity suggests their use together.

I would move the linear VCA further left (maybe between the oscillators) to suggest its use with CV or FM depth.
For the same reason, I would move the linear mixer towards the center where it can intermingle with LFOs and envelopes for CV mixing.
As a result, you can move your cluster of filters to the right.

Another idea might be to make the top row primarily audio,
and the bottom row primarily CV.
I tend to lean towards the left-to-right / top-to-bottom signal flow philosophy.

Starting from top left:
Modulators (LFOs, sequencers, clock dividers, logic, random, etc)
Sound sources (oscillators, samplers)
Signal Modifiers (waveshapers, slew limiters, ring modulators, etc.)
Filters and effects
Envelopes and gates
And finally VCAs and mixers.
Multiples and utility/special modules are sprinkled throughout.

Sure, there are times when a new module just won't fit where it "should" without lots of work, so I make a space for it that is within reason until I have time to re-factor the rack. I tend to prefer order, so this approach has worked pretty well for me. YMMV, of course.
computer controlled
I set my first 3u up with the same signal flow as my SH-101.

Modulator, Osc, Mixer, VCF, VCA, EG then an attenuator.

I have almost a full 6u now. The bottom row is set up like above, the top row is set up more for convenience to interact with the bottom row.
Thanks y'all. I like the ideas of what to do with the linear VCAs and Mixers, since those are the modules that I don't really know yet what I'll be doing with them much.
All good points.
Ran into a problem though that I may need to open up another topic with. When I plug anything into my M12 filter, it sucks all the power from everything else. The VCOs quiet, the LFOs quit LFOing, the LEDs all go dim. WTF? This didn't happen when I had it in the 3U case so I'm thinking that something is awry with the 6U i got. Maybe a ground not connected? But why only for the model 12?

Any ideas whether the 5V adaptor or the bus jumpers might affect which row the M12 should be on? Nothinhg works without that 5V adaptor, which surprised me.
i have similar layout to vaneck in that VCO's top left, followed by filters

i try to have my mixers / output in the middle though like a 'hub' to facilitate cable messiness

but it doesn't really help--mine is still extremely messy hehe
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