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Need help with Analogue Solutions MCV and Livewire AFG...
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Author Need help with Analogue Solutions MCV and Livewire AFG...
I got my Analogue Solutions MCV in today. I was hoping it would allow me to control my AFG through MIDI. It recognizes my controller but it seems to spout out a random note whenever I hit a key. I am coming out of CV2 (CTRL) on the MCV to 1v/Oct on the AFG. Then a waveform out into the mixer. I don't see how anything could be wrong. seriously, i just don't get it
maybe a naive question, but why aren't you using CV1? from the description, it looks like CV1 is the v/oct output, while CV2's intended to track a modwheel.
"Connect the MIDI sequencer or other MIDI device to the MIDI input of the M2CV.

Normally CV1 (PITCH) goes to the pitch CV input of your synth. CV2 goes to any other CV input, like filter cut-off CV. Gate goes to the Gate or Trigger input o your synth.

Make sure the MCV is on the right MIDI channel and away you go!"

Directly from:
Ok, I am a dumbass. I tried pitch with no results. CV2 actually made it seem like something was working. I did a little adjusting with the AFG and ta da! Wow, one of them days for me. very frustrating

Thanks for the help. Heh.
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