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Hello fellow nw2s::b users
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Author Hello fellow nw2s::b users
Hello, I have one of these bad boys on my rack since a while so I thought I'd say hi and ask a couple of questions on the way.

So far I haven't done much with this module other than running the "Alanette"(?) script that came preloaded on it. I do intend to invest more time to get a better understanding of the environment and code my own stuff.

I have this scenario in mind, tell me if you think it makes any sense (my apologies if this has come up before):

I'd like to use the ::b primarily as a sequencer, using the Bluetooth shield to connect wirelessly to an iPad running a GUI front end. The ::b will be clocked from the modular and all communication with the iPad will be asynchronus - by that I mean that the ::b should already have the information it needs in memory when the next trigger is received from the clock source. Hopefully this should assure tight timing. A message can be sent in "real" time to update the GUI but the playback timing should not be affected by the wireless communication overhead.

Another idea I had was to use the iPad (if possible) to switch scenarios and reboot the ::b into the next user selectable mode. This probably means writing my own code on the iPad instead of relying on the MIDI and OSC controllers available for it. It also mean that the software running on the ::b and iPad should be very tightly coupled and that the amount of date passed wirelessly can be kept to a minimum. I intend to get a Mac for that matter.

Do you think it can work? Has it already been tried?

Cheers, gottberg.
In general, this is possible, and there's even a framework in place to receive commands from bluetooth (or USB) that you could easily extend. I'll probably be adding some functionality that uses those commands in the future, but it's pretty easy to extend.

When you're connected to the module, with the serial monitor open, make sure the line ending is set to NEWLINE. Type DEBUG ON and hit enter. Then DEBUG OFF and hit enter. You'll be interacting with a rudimentary command interpreter.

Try typing some gibberish and hit enter. There you'll see an error message. If you want to write your own commands, just look in EventManager.cpp for the code that is doing that work and you can add your own.

Before building any UI on anything, you probably want to make it work over the serial monitor with text-based commands. This will help debugging.

The only problem with your idea is that iOS does not support SPP bluetooth protocol which is what the b's bluetooth module uses. You're going to be limited to Android, OS X, and Windows.

Hope that helps get you started.

Oh I didn't know that, thanks.

What BT shield comes with the b? I am asking because I'm seeing online videos of interfacing Arduino and iOS devices over BLE. If the installed shield does not support that I could possibly replace it with another one.

I might even not be making sense, definitely have some HW to do.
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