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mutant drumkit - recommendations
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Author mutant drumkit - recommendations
OK, so I have heard the demos and love the possibilities.

I want to get me some mutant drums modules (PCBs and panels), but to make postage to AU a bit less painful I think I should buy all the mutant drums I want to get in one go.. to this end, I'm waiting till mutant clap is available (wish it was a snare as I'd rather a mutant snare, but don't see that happening anytime soon, at least the clap goes off into snare-ish territory so that will do for now)...

BUT now I guess I'm wondering, since I'm planning to do the order of one of each - if I will want to do doubles of any of them..

Does anyone with multiple BD or hats find they're particularly versatile that I'd want multiples of them to go in a modular drumkit?? Particularly the hats - do they also do a good crash/ride cymbal?
meh. why do we even have manufacturer forums if nobody reads them?
Maybe nobody has double modules of the Mutant BD razz

I ordered 1 Mutant BD, 1 Mutant Hihtas, 1 liquid Hihats, 1 Nein Clap and 1 Nein Snare... I don't really like Toms, ... liquid hihats are very very nice thats probably the only module I would order more than once.
I have all of the mutants excluding the machine. They're pretty much my favorite modules.

I wouldn't bother with 2 of the mutant hats. I love the mutant hats for 808 style hats and crazy over driven hats using a noise source via the ext in

The mutant isn't designed to do 909 style hats, crash or ride. For that I use the tiptop audio hats 909 and CR909 both really good.

2 bass drums could be useful - 1 for kick drum and the other for bass lines although I would prefer 1 mutant and pair it up with a Basimilus Iteritas or Dinky's Taiko

Appreciate you are trying to save postage but can't you find a distributor that can ship internationally and send you more than one manufacturer in the same package?

If you do need to go with just one manufacturer I would wait for the new Mutant Snare to come out and get 1 of each of Bass, Clap, Snare, Hats and if you have the budget Machine and Hot Glue. There's more than enough to be getting on with there without doubling up on modules.
I am building the mutant bd, sd, clap and hats. I am going to get some smaller hp modules for other drum sounds. It seems the Bastl Tea Kick would be good for extra kicks and toms for example.
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