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Cwejman D-Lfo Reset???
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Author Cwejman D-Lfo Reset???
l e b e r
as my (expensive!) love affair with cwejman grows, i'm getting more and more gas for the D-Lfo.

was wondering if it's possible to reset the lfo's, similar to the MFB Dual Lfo. It's a feature i don't alwasy use, but it's mighty useful when needed.

there doesn't seem to be an obvious reset input on the D-Lfo, but just wanted to make sure i wasn't missing something with it... like using the sync inputs creatively to get a similar result to a reset job.

any advise from D-lfo users would be greatly appreciated! thanks. thumbs up
It's the Sync T input.

Possibly Sync G at Sync Trip Point 0 will work, too. Can't check it myself since I've no Cwejman.
l e b e r
ah ha. so simple. thanks very much!
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