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This time a DRM x question.
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Author This time a DRM x question.
Can someone give me a rundown of the DRM expander. Not sure of it's
ins and outs and how she works with DRM. Have not had a chance to try the
new trio but soon...! Thanks.

Top row are envelope outs linked to each envelope, second row filter in, osc/noise out, the next bit down is the osc section, linked to the top row of three pots, and the right side is the filter section, linked to the bottom row of three pots.

Ill see if I can find some extra detail for thee- it will all make sense when you get patching my friend!
Yeah, I need to do a listing for the Expander!

As tIB says - top two rows of sockets are easy/obvious.

Then each side (Osc / Filter) has a similar complement of additional CV/control:
- an extra FreqMod (FM) which is bipolar [ie. centre off]
--- on the Osc side you can also switch to 0.5V which makes the FM dial a fine tune control over 1 octave.
- an Initial Amp level - allows you to manually open each side's VCA
- an AmpMod (AM) which is, again, bipolar

These Amp features, especially, really open the design up so it isn't so 'drum' like.

Final bits:
- Osc side gets a Sync in - switchable between the Socket and 'Master' (ie. Sync'd by the master trigger input)
- The Filter response switch for HP/LP (this is an internal jumper on the main DRM1)
- then a really nice extra are the final Filt Trig bits (Manual button, switch, socket) - these allow you to 'disconnect' the triggering of the Filter Envelopes from the firing of the Osc side ones - so you can trigger Osc and Filter together or independently!
-- the Filter Envs can be fired with the Manual button or with a signal to the Filt Trig in. You can then select whether the main (DRM1) trigger also triggers the Filter - set the switch to ON for this (Master trigger)

Phew! Yeah, the expander adds some neat features!
Thanks guys!
Working a lot but can't wait to get to it!
I have a stand alone Drm as well so... nanners
And a Nonlinear Circuits Sequencer panel that should
do great....
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