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Author Pic-a-Patch
I really enjoy the "Audio samples of ultra-small patches"-thread over in the Modular Synth General Discussion. nanners

I would like to start a solely euro-version build like this;

-Photograph of patch (with visible knobsettings, please no video or graphic image)
-Notes concerning any knobturning etc.

This will only work with spaghetti-less patches and with few modules.
(so please no superbig zoom-in-pics)

This is a thread i wanted to start for a while already. It could allso work as an online open library of nice small patches to remember.


I've posted this one before, but just to get things started.

Staircase Mathsing
Recorded on my iphone through the tiny mic, so its quite low on volume.
I am changing patchcord from SUM to OR and working CH 2 & 3 polarity.
Am using the a142 as interchangeable oscillator.
I can never control myself; I consistently make ridiculously huge, convoluted patches.

I wanted to mention to you though, man...I just figured out in the past few days how easy it is to get line level audio direct into the merely takes what is called a "mini AV" cable, which is simply a 3-ring mini plug on one end to fit the headphone jack, and red/white/yellow RCAs on the other end. The red RCA just comes from your mixer, leave the other two RCAs dangling (or use them to take sound back from the phone), and you can record beautiful audio.

Not only did this $32 investment save me about $250 I would have spent on a ZOOM recorder or similar, but it also allows me to add tasty audio to my videos, and bring samples into programs like Jasuto. Hope it works the same with the iPad, because the new Jasuto is going to force me to buy one of those immediately! hyper

The first vid I recorded with real audio yesterday is up on my vimeo...I need to get a little better about setting just-loud-enough levels, but it's awesome that it's possible.

BTW, the same cord works with the iPod Touch, I can say firsthand.
a yes, i just noticed that on your new video, they're all posted on matrixsynth today. thumbs up
i've seen them several times before already, really like m.
thanks for the tip! i was allready wondering how you did that.
does it work in all recordingprograms?
weird thing is; i came across such a cable yesterday while cleaning out my house because we're moving out and threw it in the garbage.
guess i'll have to go through it to find it again. hehe

so now i can do it all with my iphone;
make the picture of the patch and record in better quality. great!
i always just email the recording to my mailbox on the computer and upload it from there.
eek! How many hits does that guy get? Luckily he floods it with so many posts no one can keep up. Heh.

As far as I can tell so far, it'll give you direct in on any program that records audio. Kind of opens up possibilities for those 4-track (or 16-track) recording programs, too. I didn't really see the point when the jokey mic was the only option.

I've jailbroken my phone, so I can log into it wirelessly from my laptop and pull files over. Vimeo will let you email vids for direct upload now, but the iPhone won't let you mail video over about 30 seconds, at least here in the US AT&T 3g wasteland.

I got FiRe recorder for basic audio, which lets you immediately convert to AAC or whatever, and then directly upload to soundcloud. That's a mighty nice feature to build in, I must say.
that photo has to be the strangest layout i have ever seen? WTF!
That patchwork mess of a synth is why he's the coolest guy on this board. I wish I could de-pucker my anus that much...everything in its place for me!
yeah, thank god the lovingly crafted modular synth videos get pushed aside for more cheap mockups of boring apps on the iPad. meh
ST UF FLI N EAR wrote:

hahahahahahahahahaha! Is that your secret, man?
and no patchcords! 8_)
"look mom no hands"
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