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Newish to live modular (setup help/opinion needed)
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Author Newish to live modular (setup help/opinion needed)
I have done live patching with my ms-20 but haven't ever gigged with a euro rack. I have been wanting to expand my setup to include a single row to run in conjunction with a microbrute. Currently I gig with an: mpc, ms-20, tape loops (Walkman modded w/speed control), mixer with lots of pedals in aux send which I also use for feedback loops, some electro acoustic implements and a blofeld with controller. I want to drop the ms-20 for something smaller to make my setup a bit easier and add the euro. I absolutely LOVE the sounds I hear from the mutable instruments braid so having that will add an additional oscillator and I'm thinking of adding the Pittsburgh toolbox for utility as well. What else would you recommend? I am not very knowledgable when it comes to euro but I have worked with synths for 15+ years.
i guess controllers would be important for live playing. for electro acoustic maybe a sampler module would be cool. or gieskes modules? i love my phonogene

phonogene compositions thread:

also look at the echophone and erbeverb.

utilities are always important. such as s&h, max/min, switches, logic
have a look at for planning.

when possible post a video/mp3 link here.
Thanks! I have considered the phono gene and also the qu-bit module (I realize it's a bit different). I've also looked at the Maths, double andore and quad lfo. Any experience there?
Maybe you'll receive more answers in the eurorack subforum...
Maybe I am more interested in live applications though hence the post here and explanation of my current live setup. I know several people who have big setups at their house but no one who gigs with modular stuff.
there's not really a fundamental difference between module choices for live or studio use as long as the intent with either is to create 'live' - i.e. no overdubs music. you can weight towards controllers if you want, but some people do things differently. it really depends heavily on the kind of sounds and structures you want to present, as well as your budget and a myriad of other things.

if you're just starting and thinking about going live, look really hard at the 1u tile format for your case. having complete control over the number and position of utility modules in your system is fantastic, and you can put your modular dollar to much better use with the 'sexy' modules.

the only other 'nice to have' thing with a performance oriented modular is some sort of final output with a stereo out compatible with whatever you're sending it to, and a volume knob/attenuator.

but really there are so many approaches to live modular as this sub forum can attest to, it's almost impossible to make specific module recommendations without a lot more description of what you're trying to accomplish musically.
I realize there isn't a difference in live/studio modules but some pieces of gear lend themselves more to one or the other. I have tons of gear I enjoy at home but don't play with live. Some equipment is just more inspiring and easier to work with due to layout or function. That being said perhaps I haven't been very clear.

I am wanting some euro rack modules to pair with a microbrute for a few different reasons. Portability is an important one so it only needs to be a single row. I intend to buy a mutable instruments braid to add an additional oscillator to the brute and also because I really like the sounds I've heard it make. Now I would like some modulators and since I am very influenced by indeterminate music the idea of random voltages intrigues me. I make some mixture of early techno, modern classical, krautrock, dark ambient, free jazz, musique concrete and noise. So...

Are there any modulators or utility modules in particular which you prefer over others for live use in the above described music genres which will compliment a microbrute?
Btw thanks so far I appreciate the help!
for random there are more options. makenoise wogglebug, doepfer a-149-1 and -2. and some more. i´m not a big fan of random. of course you can produce random-ish with feedback patching. also i would add s&h, quantizer, vc slew.

maybe the ataraxic translatron is interesting for you.

when you want a gig rig maybe it´s a good idea when you choose a case that you can transport prepatched to the location.
ETP wrote:

when you want a gig rig maybe it´s a good idea when you choose a case that you can transport prepatched to the location.


Another idea would be to get modules that can replace your other gear. A modular mixer or modules and module combinations that can replace your stompboxes. Combined with a case with which you can transport your system prepatched this would save you a lot of hassle during setup.
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