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recommend a tuner plugin (Mac)?
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Author recommend a tuner plugin (Mac)?
I'm sure this info is on MW somewhere, but I've not been able to find exactly what I need.

I'm looking for a really simple tuner plugin to use with my modular - I'm on a Mac and mostly using Ableton Live, VST/AU whatever is fine, but it does need to be Mac-compatible obviously.

I want something absolutely as simple as possible - I've tried Guitar tuners like Waves GTR3 but they don't really fit my needs. I'm not necessarily making tonal music, or even necessarily tuning to equal-tempered notes. I suppose maybe what I need is more of a frequency meter than a tuner.

I suppose the ideal would be one where I could specify an arbitrary frequency in Hz, and then get a display of how close I am to it. Failing that, a plugin that just gave me a Hz value would probably do!

The closest I've found so far is the KS Strobe Tuner -

If I could just specify the centre frequency there it would be perfect. It's possible by tuning the A (not within an infinite range unfortunately, then it would be easy) and then choosing the correct note, but that's a bit counterintuitive! The demo period on this plugin seems to be about 30 seconds, so it's a bit hard to tell!
never used it, but you might try this
Thanks for the reply HIMA. Strangely enough, I'd reached the same conclusion same myself - quite a coincidence as there are a lot of similar plugs out there!

It definitely does the job for me, but I don't think it's been updated in a while and I'm getting some slightly buggy behaviour on my system (Ableton 9.1.5, Mac OsX 10.9.5) - basically it does strange things if there's more than one instance in my session. Oh well, I can live with that I guess..
i usually just use live's spectrum to tune. i send a sine a cv of C1, 2 and 3 and make sure the osc tracks solidly over 3 octaves. seems to do the trick.
johyde wrote:
I'm looking for a really simple tuner plugin to use with my modular - I'm on a Mac and mostly using Ableton Live, VST/AU whatever is fine, but it does need to be Mac-compatible obviously.

Hard to go wrong with the original
Yeah it's pricey, but doesn't suck. thumbs up
Seconding Peterson Tuners StroboSoft. I use it all the time for accurate microtonal tuning.
Yeah, I might look at Strobosoft. It is a little pricey, and I don't like their demo policy much (you actually have to buy the software and then claim a refund - doesn't really seem exactly a demo to me!)
+1 for Peterson strobe tuner. It isn't perfect tough - the scope could be better and I don't like the VST link deal or the 32-64 bit comparability issue.
like HIMA said, can't you just use the Live utility Spectrum?
I'm probably being really stupid, but I can't really see how to use Spectrum for this - it doesn't seem to give values for the peaks? I appreciate that when you enbiggen it (that's the word, right?), the grid gives you some pretty accurate readings, and if you hover over the bit you're interested in you can get a pretty good idea from the tool-tip thingy, but it doesn't seem that useable as a tuner. But yeah, quite possible I've missed something - tell me if so!

Thanks anyway, cos it's made me realise that it's a very useful and multi-featured plugin - I hadn't explored it as much as I should and will definitely be making more use of it in future anyway!
I just got the Peterson Strobosoft and am happy to say its by far the best tuner I've used.

Totally accurate even down in the low octaves. Highly reccomended. thumbs up
I use pitchlab pro for Android.

I only mention it as it seems to be pretty accurate and was cheap and doesn't need a recent phone to use. So if you are looking for something outside OSX, its a good buy.
Ableton has a tuner built in, in all versions
photosounder spiral
it not only tunes but it also lets you see octaves, chords, harmonic, unison detune, chorus, reverb...really any bit of musical information associated with time, pitch, and volume. it even has time slowing a record mode so you can decode short harmonically complex samples. You can see things like the starting and ending pitch of a kick for examples.

it costs a little bit but there is a lite version that comes with computer music magazine that has almost all most important functionality (no record mode).
I put a Strobosoft video up the other day.

Running it in the DAW (VST), you can monitor the incoming signal, or analyze a recorded track. It's set to cents here, but you can flick the switch and get Hz also (which I use all the time because I like to think in terms of root frequency times ratios). It can also draw a pitch line, so if you are warping around between notes, you can get some visual feedback on where you are. And you can program the notes (scale/temperament) to anything you like.

Like someone else said, it's dead accurate down to the lowest lows, and to 0.1 cents. Only complaint is it's a bit clunky, they aren't really a software company, but it's still the best software tuner out there.

Looking for this exact thing. I can imagine the StroboSoft is clunky, the website is a disaster! I'm trying to buy it and it won't let me enter my address!!! Doesn't fill me with confidence!
dudeman wrote:
Looking for this exact thing. I can imagine the StroboSoft is clunky, the website is a disaster!

Yeah, they know tuning, but obviously not software/html! I recall ordering was a hassle.

I still use this all the time, as far as tuning it is flawless. But on Mac/Nuendo inserting it as a VST really sucks CPU, so I have to bypass after tuning, or it bogs down the recording.
I gave up on strobosoft. I used it, fairly religiously for many years - it's really great when it works. But, their development/update cycle seems to only happen every 2-3 years, so if something breaks, it might not get fixed in any reasonable amount of time. And, it seems like every OS update seems to break something. I remember one version of OS X where strobosoft was off by a exactly a step and a half - once you entered the offset correctly, it was fine. And then in the next OS X update, it fixed itself.

But what really made me stop using it was the song and dance you had to do to get it working after any kind of computer change - if you moved it to another computer, like if you bought a new one, you would have to email them to send you a new machine code. And very often OS updates would require the same. And once you got the new code, it was still a complicated procedure to get it working. Back in 2016 due to some complicated situations I had to do 3 of these, and I just gave up on the last one. And now I rely on hardware tuners.

I actually met the support guy who always responds to my requests for new machine codes at NAMM one summer - he was very nice, and understood my frustration, and explained how the company works and why it probably wasn't going to get any better. They've got other more profitable products basically. I've got their tuner on my phone, and it works great!
^ You inspired me to go check out Peterson's new offerings. Recently switched to 96k recording, it's getting hard on my processor, and StroboSoft ain't helping. And who likes mousing around!?

StroboPlus looks like it can get the job done. Palm-sized with lots of positioning options, same 0.1 cent accuracy, can quickly pick a cent detuning amount, programmable tunings that you write online, then plug it in via USB to update. Charges by USB too.

And then for tap tuning drum machines, and analyzing DAW tracks, I've still got StroboSoft.
enj_music wrote:
Ableton has a tuner built in, in all versions

^^^ This is what I've always used with no issues
The Stroboplus worked out great! Much faster than messing with the computer.

HIMA wrote:
never used it, but you might try this

This is a good one, for sure! Can recommend.
Logic Pros tuner works great. I assume Garageband has the same plugin?
You can possibly point Ableton to the Apple plugins directory and it should pick up the AU component needed to instantiate it.
I tune with the Ableton Live Tuner all the time. Is there something these others tuners do that I'm missing?
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