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Music Easel: pre amp / aux in problem | output jacks problem
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Author Music Easel: pre amp / aux in problem | output jacks problem
hello there,

i dont have a music easel myself but a friend does and i was lucky to play with it. but we have some serious problems with it...the aux in doesnt work as it should...its signal is completely distorted,
here you can hear an example, first the clean signal, then the signal through the easel:

as you can hear, something is terribly wrong. it doesnt matter if i change the gain from low to high, its distorted in all positions...
does anybody have the same problem or does anybody know, what it could be and if it is possible to fix it without sending the easel over the pond...?

aaand then, another problem. sometimes only one of the 1/4" jacks outputs work (i think its the right output that randomly doesnt work, right now both are working).
anybody got a clue what it could be? is it easy and recommended to open the easel without any knowledge??? i dont think so... i really have the bad feeling that this easel is somehow broken ...
and for 4000 bucks this is absolutely not acceptable.

any answers would be appreciated!!

thanks on behalf of my studio mate

If attenuating the input signal does not work, send Alex an email.

Regarding the output jacks: You could open the easel and look if the cable connection is allright. But you would have to open the 208 and the 218 ...
hi weinglas,
thanks, i will try to get in touch with alex...

The output problem seems to be a common issue with these Easels - There have been a few threads on this already. Check el+output

I have known one other person with the issue as well. Seems like they did some really SHITTY QA testing on these units...
hi TheEngineer,

i saw that thread you posted before. thanks for that. but the main problem is still the pre amp/ext in. it's completely broken.
why the hell are they selling such expensive instruments with such a, i'm sorry, shitty build quality?
i mean, the name buchla stands for really awsome and unique instruments,
but this easel feels like its all made from cheap plastics. i did not expect that, really not.
Did you find a solution to the aux in distortion issue?
he had to send it in, the spring reverb had an extreme bleed from osc one too.
a few months later the bleed is back, but the preamp is still fixed.
Is the reverb wiring properly shielded ?
i have no idea, but after a “repair“ it should be i think...
anyway, the instrument isn't mine, if it were i would have sent it back a long time ago and demanded a refund.
I'm afraid repairs by BEMI might be as worth as their quality control or customers service hihi

If you friend wants to give it a proper check-up, he can contact me.
I'm in Belgium.
thanks papz, i will tell him that, he sent it to alex, not directly to bemi...
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