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Need hosting?
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Author Need hosting?
Muff Wiggler
If you need some hosting, I can possibly help. I have a lot more webspace and bandwidth than I need.

If your needs aren't intense, and you are OK with bandwidth throttling at a few GB/month, and you have a music/tech/gear site (or something i would dig, or is useful to some 'community), I can probably sort you out for free (with a account), or $9.99 a year if you want your own fully registered domain name.

Offer for my 'friends' (web friends and IRL friends) only, I'm not a hosting company and I won't take this on for strangers.
Muff Wiggler
oh yeah,

also email addresses (with webmail, forwarding and POP3) available to anyone who wants 'em! (except for spammers)
Freaking sweet man grin
That totally rocks, I would like to finish up some metasonix demos as well as a few other gear demos that i would like to have hosted by something other than acidplanet.
Ill definitly let ya know!

And a muffwiggler e-mail adress who wouldnt want one of those, it ends in muffwiggler, thats cool 8)
Muff Wiggler
heheh you're right it's cool 8)

no worries, let me know if/when the time comes for hosting or email

Muff Wiggler
oooh, i'll host forums for friends as well, as long as you are OK having them at the "hosted forums" section here
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