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Wiard ringtones for your mobile phone!
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Author Wiard ringtones for your mobile phone!
Roycie Roller
Almost sounds like spam that title Frying Pan Bash!
Anyways, i went to the Wiard website on my mobile phone & downloaded a couple of mp3s... Now i have SHORTWAVE.mp3 (a Noise ring sample) as the ringtone on my phone. When it rings in public people start thinking the aliens are landing! It's really loud.............. Guinness ftw!
cool. i want to put my own synth madness on my phone but i don't have the right model to do it freely. so i just got miles davis on there.
Soy Sos
I have my own custom ring tones on my phone.
I have a Centro which gives to option to make any sound file
a ring tone. Folks are generally like "What the fuck?" whenever
my phone rings!
Roycie Roller
Actually, i always wondered why the factory ringtones were so utterly tasteless. Then i read an article in The Wire about a guy who was payed heaps by Nokia to make their ringtones. He deliberately made them really crap & cheesy & the people in charge at Nokia actually liked them, and well, the rest is history. Thank Gawd they left an option there for the user to overwrite the presets!
My phone can be used as a voice recorder so I recorded the vocalizations of some vulturine guinea fowl at the zoo.
They are my favorite ringer thus far.
Roycie Roller
That sounds pretty mad! It reminds me- i saw on TV this guy who worked in the chicken industry- like a big boss CEO type of thing. His ringtone was of a rooster crowing! It was pretty hilarious smile
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