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tony at make noise, thank you!
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Author tony at make noise, thank you!
so i keep seeing PG and the nasty R word thrown around and i can't help but fear that other manufacturers are still paying for those assholes stupid business moves. that being said, i wanted to share my recent experience with make noise. now i have no idea as to past histories as this is the first make noise module i have bought, but i was floored by the amazing customer service i received. i bought a qmmg. when it arived last week. the power cable was plugged in backwards. i didn't check, assuming it was right. plugged it in and KAPOW, magic smoke. after unplugging it and checking i realized what had happened. this was last friday night. being my first magic smoke experience, i frantically emailed a few folks trying to see how to fix the problem. tony emailed me the next morning with shipping details and a prediction of a one day turn around. i was surprised and hopeful as i have a show next week and was hoping to bring the qmmg along for the ride. i shipped saturday. the package arrived to him tuesday morning(yesterday), he emailed me, asked some questions, fixed the module and return shipped it (paid by him) TUESDAY. that is: the same day. it is en route to me, hopefully back within the week. i just want to report this amazing support i got. i do not take it lightly. i am thankful and i just wanted to pass this along. i am SURE there are other companies providing good customer service on good modules we can feel good about. i have just seen one too many references to the shady side of the street and don't often see praise for the people who are currently kicking ass and taking names. i can also report great customer service and clear communication from flight of harmony, the harvestman, doepfer and a bunch of 5u folks (but of course this is in euro country so i'll just keep it at that).

it is late and i hope i have written this the way it seems in my head. my hope is to help our small modular community to keep an eye on people who are really contributing in real time to real people like me

also, usps priority 2-3 day is pretty fucking rad too. the have been bringing me some good shit!

just needed to go public about this.
I too have had an amazing experience with Make Noise. I know it's a small scene, but it is really above and beyond the call of duty with this guy. So good!

thumbs up
I guess Tony is out of bubblegum and all about kickin ass.
Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
MakeNoise is the best.

DrOctave wrote:
I guess Tony is out of bubblegum and all about kickin ass.

Put on the glasses or starting eating that trash can.
DrOctave wrote:
I guess Tony is out of bubblegum and all about kickin ass.

Tony hits his target EVERY TIME! Seriously though, that man is the salt of the earth... He may just be my hero.
Very good to hear. Where did you buy the module from?
Nicely said dude. Thanks for sharing the experience.

Support Tony and Make Noise!!! applause
Tony has helped me out on a couple of occasions. I can confirm that he is extremely helpful and professional, and an all around cool guy with fantastic products!
Yeah I agree. I've not bought any MakeNoise Toyz but my recent questioning the actual existence of Maths and QMMGs here led to a couple of PMs from Tony letting me know his upcoming schedule. I felt bad that I'd just bought a Doepfer LPG.
That being said, when I do unload the A101-2 LPG and put it and some $ toward the QMMG, I will definitely feel better about the extra wad going to MakeNoise.

Thanks for posting this dude.
qmmg just arrived at my door, actually, i accosted the mail man (again) hyper all is well. tony you fucking rule man!
dude wrote:
qmmg just arrived at my door, actually, i accosted the mail man (again) hyper all is well. tony you fucking rule man!


Otherwise enjoy! Rockin' Banana!

no worries. it's working!
Sweet, it's time to Vactoralize! Guinness ftw!
screaming goo yo
wow, this module is amazing. two channels together just gets these liquid tones. no wonder this thing has everybody all crazy about it!
Tony rules.

(As does maths and qmmg, etc.)
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
I wouldnt trust him. I gave him a plate of corn muffins back in 1947 to paint my chicken coop. He never did it and claimed the muffins were lousy.

what an asshole of an old man turned rich.
i've got all the make noise modules, great work! thumbs up
can't wait for the the rené and pressure points...
I owe Tony some whisky. Tony, if you read this, send me your address or send via the Twitter. Seriously! I'm sorry I drank all your whisky that one time at that one place during that one event!
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