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Dedicated LPfilter for dark ambient?
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Author Dedicated LPfilter for dark ambient?
I'm looking for a small lowpass filter for making drone and dark ambient and I have no idea which filter to choose. I'm open for all suggestions but I'm mainly after a stable filter that does it's thing well. help
Maybe check out the TipTop SSM filter. I haven't used it specifically, but it's based on the same filter that the MOTM 440 (which I did own,) is, and that was a stable, bubbly, fast responding low pass. (probably the best if its type that I've heard) I've heard good things about the Frequensteiner too.

I generally use the vactrol based Wiard filters. The Boogie might do the trick for you, but I think the SSM clone might work better for you.
I'd recommend the TipTop z2040.

It can be very "dark" yet warm sounding, which is the main reason we bought it. It has no HP mode. It is also small (8hp) and not too expensive.
I was actually thinking of getting the z2040 or the boogie. They both seem to do trick judging by the demos I've heard. hmm....
z2040 or Cwejman
for me dark ambient low pass means not aggressive or pronounced character at low resonance, and good to great bass response. Also help if it sounds tasty when over driven = z2040 on the cheap or Cwejman on the higher budget.

I can't recommend a specific Cwejman because all I have of his is the S1mk2

I would not recommend the Frequenstiener for this, too much character in my experience with it.
haven wrote:

I would not recommend the Frequenstiener for this, too much character in my experience with it.

Yeah, I will definitely agree with this... and that is why we sold our Freq and got the z2040 instead.

The Freq has a lot of character and an almost "bright tone" to it. Yes it can get nasty and mean, but it always has a type of "nice" vintage tone to it, which just wasn't what we needed for our type of sound.
I agree, the Z2040 is where it's at for Dark Ambient! You can't beat it for the price and size. Another favorite is the Polivoks filter. Great combo!

yeah, definitely the z2040. I would recommend the qmmg, but stable it ain't wink
ems filter would do the job also.
I'm considering ordering the TipTop Z2040 and Z8000. I'm in need of a musical/clean LP and I guess the Z2040 fit the bill?
isn't this a bit like the gearslutz "which high end preamp is best for the rwandan throat singing bumble bee" thread?

surely any filter can be used creatively for dark ambient music? or could you be more specific about the results you are trying to achieve?

i know the king of dark ambient, brian lustmord, hasn't used any analogue gear for years and years.
Well I make "dark ambient" and if you listen to what I have on my myspace page (listed bellow) that is all QMMG and Doepfer LPG... But I do have a hankering for some Z2040 action...
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