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Bigger Euro Plans Than Expected...
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Author Bigger Euro Plans Than Expected...
So... an awkward time for my modular wall, I will say that. LOL. I honestly feel like scrapping all my frac modules and just building up my euro...fucking love it! With the HUGE delay on all the Livewire stuff... Honestly thinking about selling my metalbox wave multiplier, an EG1, Blacet VCO, and VCA and snagging a Zeroscilator for my Euro. I think that would be a BEAST with my harvestman stuff. I'll prolly keep my miniwave, sequential switch, 1 EG1 and the mixer and super psycho lfo i'm building but. Bout it. Might just try to stay with a 2 frac setup and buy a few scroff's to fill my 12U side of the rack + my lil portable euro ontop.

Decisions.... frac is cool and all.. I just LOVE the Plan B shit and Harvestman stuff. WANT IT ALL! lol.

Anybody else kind of clean house on frac and shift more towards euro?
by all means clean house on the frac stuff. there's some ravenous wolves ready to stake claim on it.
Luigi, you're all over the place man!
LOL... I'm keeping all 4 fracs. Just selling my Wave Multiplier and Dual Lin VCA for now. Need to order an Oakley Lag for the frac and a Tiptop Z500 that i just picked up from AH. wink
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