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A trig in (like the Clock in for Ardcore)q
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Author A trig in (like the Clock in for Ardcore)q
Can this be done?
I guess for the digital ins that should work?
My problem is that if I want a play-next-note-on-trig-in I always get a number of triggers, i.e. the next note goes to next and next and so on, in other words it reads a gate. But how do I treat it as a trigger in?
I'm working on a slave clock that will do this plus serve as a multiplier/divider, but until then you can look at the code I just committed for a trigger input for the grid controller. s/GridTrigger.cpp


   /* Clock is rising */
   if (this->clockInput != DIGITAL_IN_NONE && !this->clockState && digitalRead(this->clockInput))
      this->clockState = t;

      /* Simulate a clock pulse */
   /* Clock is falling and at least 20ms after rising */
   if (this->clockInput != DIGITAL_IN_NONE && (this->clockState != 0) && ((this->clockState + 20) < t) && !digitalRead(this->clockInput))
      this->clockState = 0;

The gist is that you need to track rising and falling states.

Here's some pseudo code:


Start out by setting the clockState to false in init()

Every loop() check digitalRead(clkIn)

If clkIn true AND clockState is false, then that's the rising edge.
 - On the rising edge set clockState to true
 - On the rising edge do whatever you need to do on a clock cycle

If clkIn is true and clockState is true, then it's not a rising edge or a falling edge so do nothing.

If clkIn is false and clockState is true, then it's a falling edge

 - On the falling edge reset clockState to false

Once you get that working, you can optionally add some de-bouncing in there to make sure that you only track falling edges after at least 10 or 20ms after the rising edge.

Hope that helps...

Forgive me for jumping in here...

My time plans went out the window, rolling deadlines meant I couldn't invest the time I wanted with my ::b yet.

If I could ask, I don't want to 'emulate' everything that coming out etc but would stuff like the Zularic Repetitor/Grids type clocking and trigger gen be feasible?

Sorry again!
mckenic if you're looking for Grids type stuff I might have just what you need (and more) here:
Thank you very much Alwaysnew!!!

I have an expanded Turing, Wogglebug & Grids set-up and for the past 12 months have been obsessed with crazy random rhythms! I imagine the ::b would be brilliant at this so very much appreciated!

DL'd the docs and will have a poke!

thumbs up
Another way to get grids-like behavior, but with customizable patterns is if you check out the probabilistic trigger sequencer ino.

It's set up so that you have a matrix of probabilities that a trigger will occur on any given beat. The probabilities are CV adjustable in real time as well.

(There may also be a monome version of this soon...)

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