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Verbos Harmonic Oscilator (wonderful instrument)
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Author Verbos Harmonic Oscilator (wonderful instrument)
Some time ago I was very interested in additive synthesis. But the Verbos Harmonic Oscillator, I think it offers a lot more and is not exactly a module for this type of synthesis only.
Not only you have control over each harmonic input for the 8 sine waves (LFOs, Envelopes, etc.), it is also possible to work with each harmonic independently, for example, you can work with harmonic out (1 - 8) and process certain harmonics, the harmonic spectrum changes dramatically.
Or even, you can control any "harmonic input" attenuating an audio signal.
The two outputs "harmonic scan" (width and center) are also amazing, for example an envelope open at the first successive harmonics (or with cv input bipolar to where you want) with each trigger or gate. And "center" harmonic scan lets move on the all spectrum.
The fm inputs also sound wonderful with white noise, self-modulated square wave, etc. or external modulation (other oscillator, for example)
To learn, little by little, this oscillator I have been forced to compose a piece for the sole use of two Harmonic Oscillator as a sound source.
The two verbos are being modulated with LFO Quad, Quad Envelope, Maths and some layers are being selfmodulated.
Several layers, edit with Logic.
Sorry for my english.
Best and thanks!

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments= true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

i really like the 2nd half of this, nice combination of pad-like sounds and clicky buzzing
Wow, that's nice. I would need to save up for awhile for that one 'though.

Incredible piece, thanks for sharing. The VHOs sound pretty great as well love
my next purchase thumbs up
thanks for listening and for the comments!
I have not mentioned the possibility of working with harmonic spectral analysis of instruments (oboes, trumpet, violin, etc.) and its variation with time. There is another muff topic with oscilloscope images and true, i think working with the modulation of one of the harmonics gives endless possibilities.

john chowning did some experiments like that - you can do it on a computer with a plugin nowadays so it should be easy - easier would be to look online mmy_Linne_Andy_Schurman_Ivy_Thomas/Tammy_Linne_Andy_Schurman_Ivy_Thoma s_Phys199pom_Final_Report.pdf

graphs are from page 25 onwards
Nice drone
Maybe you meant 'dhrupad'.
adam, thanks for "A Harmonic Spectrum Analysis of Various Instruments", I knew him, but the graphics are so accurate that it is more difficult to isolate some characteristic harmonics and formants.

I think they are also very useful charts and analysis of these publications:
"The Physics and Psychophysics of Music" by Juan Roederer. -387-09470-0

and "Sound synthesis and sampling" Russ Martin.

And also seem very useful the web:

adolfgottmann: yes, maybe is a problem of transcription, while one could find the term "druphad" in magazines such as The Wire and books in Spanish.
I think even the most correct is Dhrupada instead of Dhrupad, but you get much better, for the discography among other reasons, I like your comment, so I think I will change it. Thank you very much smile

you could take a look for john chownings material too - i think he wrote a book

also sound on sounds "synth secrets" series has some info

there were also some synths that used a sampled attack section then synthesized the rest of the note, you may find more info about them
Hello. Thanks.
There are many things in this module, think, I can not do with any other module. For example: send an envelope to "cv width" simultaneously sequencing "cv/oct". The harmonic progression is amazing.
I try to share something with attacks and envelopes.
From the first time I started with Buchla modules I have not had a sensing to work with an module so solid in construction and sound possibilities (in eurorack perhaps the RES-4).

In muff there are some more topics over this amazing module: monic+oscillator monic+oscillator monic+oscillator monic+oscillator monic+oscillator monic+oscillator


I did not need to hear this amazing track applause
I think i want one now eek!
When will you be able to get in it in europe again very frustrating
ask a question in analogue haven, they are very good people and professionals.

Excellent thread...
I absolutely love this oscillator. I'm still exploring all its possibilities, so many ins and outs.... This is my go to oscillator right now.
Oh real nice.
Would be great to find a used one for xmas! Mr. Green
There is nothing like the Harmonic Osc in any format (except of course the Buchla format version). It provides so many modulation options. I just acquired an A-152 to use in conjunction with my HO. The modulation possibilities are mind blowing.
Today I have prepared several demos, very, very simple. The demos show a small fraction of the possibilities of this module.
The demos were recorded without any reverb or filter or process plug-in.
Missing other demos using f.m. Input by self-modulation or modulation with another oscillator. And if I have time I upload two Harmonic Oscillator sync with two different tunings. Or an Harmonic Oscillator modulating another HO by c.v. input.

Thanks for posting, Bosavi!

Great demos! thumbs up
so many crazy sounds here. looking forward to your 2x VHO demos.
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