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FINALLY! I believe I have gotten to the bottom of the invalid session and logout issues. Please continue to report your own experience in the appropriate threads in the "Forum Discussion and Requests" subforum. Thank you all for your patience and support! <3

waveform city waves
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Author waveform city waves
do the standard WFC city contain the 256 waveform eprom ?
and which one I use for wavefoldind ?
Stock WFC modules apart from the early ones have the new.256 EEPROM .

The manual on the site contains a guide to the waveforms in both the older revision banks and the newer modules. You could easily check which ROM you have by checking the audio output from the module against what you expect to hear.

Wavefolding is not a speciality of the module, but bank 11 in new.256 is close in theory to the way a wavefolder will add harmonic content. You are limited to sinus waveforms only however.

You may be thinking of timbre modulator mode in bank 14? That's in the manual and worth a try.

Lots of timbres to find!
thanks !
I have this one from many years now and never start to dig it deep !
I always made confusion between possibilities the different documentations.
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