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how to control MS812
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Author how to control MS812
ok i have an MS812 but i keep wondering how to use it at best.
first i thought to use reaktor in cubase.
But the midi resolution sent by reaktor is so weak that i can barely use it. (here is a post i did about that)

numerology is for mac so i'm concidering getting a small mac dedicated to that ...

or i'm wondering if silent way can be used via MIDI (and not dc SC such as motu) and sent to ms812 via copperlan.

searching more info about that i read this on copperlan website :
"with regards to LFO can I use something like 'Silent Way' for that?
A 3rd party VST/AU plugin is available to control the MS-812 in high resolution (16 bits) from any VST-compatible host."
ok so ... what is this third party plugin ?

if you have any idea on the best way to get a nice modular based sequencer working with cubase let me know wink
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