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clock question ms812
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Author clock question ms812
Hi (again smile

i can send mici clock from nuendo to ms812.
i see the clk1 led and i get the digi led to blink depending on the time i select.
but when i press play on nuendo the clock is ok but doesn't match the bars of my beat.
if i start to play in middle of to beats then MS812 is offbeat by 1/8
well even if i start to play on a bar it's random. sometime i'm on the beat sometime no.

other tools i have like tempest not only sync to beat but they start on a beat and i never had any problem.

is there a setting somewhere ...

now this is like 3 or 4 core basic questions i have about the MS812.
i'm surprised i face so many problems with something that should be dedicated to these basic function.

very frustrating
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