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Conway's Game of Life for nw2s::b and Monome grid
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Author Conway's Game of Life for nw2s::b and Monome grid
scanner's briefly explaining how to set up the development environment if you want to get in and code...

However, if you don't want to code, then the binary file I'll be uploading soon will be all you need... it's effectively ALL the algorithms in one firmware that uses JSON files located on the flash drive to pick the algorithm and configure the inputs and outputs.

The files I pointed you to are the JSON configuration files... think of them as less code and more like a patch that you'd load into an Eventide or a Prophet 12. Everything is already in the unit, you're just telling it what algorithms to use.

(They do _look_ like code but they don't do anything, they are just a convenient method of representing the data that defines a single patch)

So yes, most of the hard work is done if you don't count the fact that someone still has to make these things make some sounds!
Ok, i understand now.

Its like a xml of some sort.

Thanks for the description and procedure, looking forward to trying assap, and yes, make some music!

Have a good weekend!
Yes, JSON is functionally the same as XML, it's just a bit easier to parse in a lightweight system.

a scanner darkly
I've added the control page. with that all the v1 features are now implemented, the only exception being storing configuration on SD card.

i'll do a proper doc / video demo later this week but for now here's a short description so that whoever tries the 1.1 firmware doesn't get surprised...

to enter and to exit press the two top leftmost buttons at the same time.
once you on the control page those 2 buttons will be lit to mark that you're on control page.

top row switches between trigger (LED off) or gate (LED on) for that column.
bottom row is reserved for v2, doesn't do anything now.
the buttons in between control the CV range for each column - press 2 buttons simultaneously to define new range. CV out will still depend on how many cells are alive in that column but it will be scaled to whatever CV range is selected.
a scanner darkly
Final step for v1, the configuration (CV ranges and gate/trigger selection) will now be stored on the SD card when exiting the control page, and it will be loaded automatically next time you turn the ::b on or when you reset it.

Tomorrow - writing up a proper doc and doing a couple of videos explaining different features.
Guinness ftw!

thanks for this.
Very nice control page work. (and nice use of json!)

a scanner darkly
thanks guys!

Yeah, JSON took a bit longer to implement, I almost decided to just do a binary instead but it'll come in handy later. Writing to the SD also took a while to figure out, kept giving me errors until I added the O_TRUNC flag.

Should probably add a folder for such config files instead of just using the root though...
yeah, I was thinking we need a /configs folder in there as a default as I was considering some variables that may start need to be configured - things like default settings or device identifications or whatnot --- and for a future thing that I may try a bit later.

a scanner darkly
yep, just added the code to create configs folder if it doesn't exist.
a scanner darkly
I've updated the first post with more information on how to use the sketch and a quick reference for the inputs. I was really hoping to do a better demo video as well but looks like I'll be returning the just bought GoPro back to the store tomorrow and getting a web camera instead - hopefully I'll have a proper demo done next weekend...
a scanner darkly
Ok, version 1 is officially complete with the 2 proper tutorials videos done.

Nice work. Great demos and good documentation. Putting me to shame! I was going to do some of that this weekend, but too many late nights and early mornings and all I've done is sleep this weekend!
a scanner darkly
Yeah, but I don't have a new version of firmware to finish while also testing a
new module :-)

Seriously though, I'm amazed at how you manage to post detailed tutorials (like the one on wavetable oscillators) while also working on the modules and the firmware, and to have it look like you hired a professional tech writer and usability specialist to help you with that!

Now I need to make a couple of videos of the sketch actually used in a patch...
a scanner darkly
Playing with the sketch

digital outs into Alesis Trigger IO which generates MIDI notes which are routed to Ableton Live
2 Kontakt samplers with Sonic Couture Music Box and Gamelan libraries
audio out of Ableton going back into modular
additional processing through filters, Echophon, Erbe-Verb and ZDSP running Valhalla card
everything is modulated by the ::b and finally going through the VCA Matrix which is controlled by the ::b as well

that's crazy good
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