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Ghetto CV Mixing
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Author Ghetto CV Mixing
I'm about to pull the trigger on a Euro setup, and one of the corners I'm going to cut initially is a mixer for CV's. I've read that it's a bad idea to stack inputs (through tiptop stackables or a mult), but I was wondering if it would be safe to stack them if they were attenuated. I'll be getting a MW case, and I was thinking that I might use the four attenuators combined with stackables or mults to get some CV mixing in the meantime.

Will this work safely, or should I just wait on that sort of patching until I get a proper mixer or two into my setup?
Get a real mixer. Preferably a bipolar one. Don't cut corners that could end up giving you some troubles. You should be able to find used mixers pretty easily.

As a side, I have a Model9 mixer (not bipolar) I'm selling. hihi
I agree!

mixers are useful and not expensive.
are you saying that you would attenuate each signal individually first and then stack into the modulation destination?

If so, there shouldn't be any issue assuming the attenuators are properly buffered.

if your not afraid of diy a mixer is probably the simplest thing you could make. One of my first diy projects was a copy of the Model 9 mixer but I have each channel with bi-polar attenuation along with the individual outs and busses.
could anyone point out any easy schematics on a mixer like this?
ST UF FLI N EAR wrote:
could anyone point out any easy schematics on a mixer like this?

there's a thread in the diy section somewhere
you will need to add some switches, buffers, and some summing stages to get the full model 9 functionality from the fonik board.

also, i have a much simpler design for the bi-polar attenuation stashed on a pc somewhere.
The reason why it's a no-no makes sense as soon as you think about where the signal flows to.

At first you think, "so what", your 2 or more voltages are connected to the same input rather than properly mixing them. But it shouldn't take one too long to realize that not only is that happening but you are also running Output A back up into Output B and Output B is sending voltage up into Output A at the same time.

But the opposite is fine. That's what Mults, stackables and Y cables are for. One out going to more than one in.
Thanks for the infos. I thought it still might not be a good idea, but I don't really know what goes on inside a mixer other than attenuation of the original signals, so I thought I'd ask. I'll just get me a damn mixer, I'll just have to wait *gasp* two weeks after the initial purchase for my next paycheck grin

I'm psyched to get some analog action in my hands! It's going to be an interesting start, since my initial batch of modules are going to be whatever I could find used (got a deal lined up for Borg / Boogie, AFG, and Woggles, and I'm going to buy a (probably new) Vulcan to match the Mind Meld that's on its way, and an audio mixer.

I've been patching in my head, but I have no real idea of what I'll be able to wrangle out of those modules on their own.
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