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How do you use your Orbitals
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Author How do you use your Orbitals
This a simple test using my newly completed Hexinverter Orbitals Sequencer. I'd be interested in seeing how people use theres.

Nice video!!! I haven't finished building my yet so I can't give any examples of usage.
Very nice simple but useful 8x2 sequencer!
I have different applications for the sequencer

Row 1 cv for notesequencing and the gate for envelope triggering for amp and filter

Row 2 cv for sequenced modulation for this and that, gate for my 808kick

If row 2 is slaved to row 1 in terms of clocking, i can use the speed pot from row 2 to get an independent clock for another clocked device

I cannot say this sequencer is simple because this is my first one .... diy-variant

quite funny crank up the tempo to the max
nice vid! building one of these soon for sure..
I use mine for moog style sequencing with the transpose to my Microbrute. I also use the 2 x 8 to run beats in peaks and I love to send Cv into the clock in and have orbitals spaz out to a really slow rate while modulating braids in meta mode winkI use the gate outs to trigger Galilean Moons in sync with the sequences , Still learning all the ways i can patch her...If you hook up a drum machine like and have it come through a midi to cv converter out of pitch into clock it will make really weird in sync synth lines with your rhythms...Love my Hexinverter modules...
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