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22FW from 2 enclosures?
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Author 22FW from 2 enclosures?

Has anyone tried bolting together two standard 11FW enclosures to make a 22FW row for use with Bomber style end cheeks?

If so, any issues? If not, can anyone think of any issues like sturdiness?

a scanner darkly
I've done that exactly. It was very sturdy, no issues.

You might want to turn one side 180 degrees so that the power connectors are closer to each other. Also I recommend putting a washer (or several) between the cases - it was a pretty tight fit for modules otherwise. What I would do is put the modules in and make sure they fit well before you screw them in.

in the days before bombers I had 2 cases that way (2 racks and then 2 sets of 3), but with an end piece in the middle but probably not necessary. Just need lots of long banana cables.
Very cool. Thanks for the info and photos.

Now, I just need to decide if should, now that I know its possible! The sea of Bugs is tempting!
Yes, probably works fine as-is. I did try it several years ago just to see (ie. didn't use it that way in the long run).

I do still have a few different end-cheeks hanging around if you did want to try the 'extra-in-the-middle' approach (which is probably how I'd do it)
Thanks for chiming in, Tom. I've got 2 pairs of cheeks coming with the systems so I can experiment with the different options.

The idea of a 22FW bomber with a standalone 15FW full of Red Bugs in front feels very compelling!
crappy phone pics, but i've done this too. definitely need lots of long cables though.

Nice! Guess I better start making cables.
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