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Maybe Livewire could make....
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Author Maybe Livewire could make....
karplus AFG lite. A standard VCO, half the size and without all that animation. Not dissing the AFG, I really dig the sound and FM a lot but its huge and I hardly ever use half of its features.

Just a thought.
A number of people say that the Cwejman VCO-6 is similar in basic character to the AFG. At half the size and only a bit more expensive it may be an option for the more space-conscious users.

Personally my favorite part of the AFG is the sheer number of features. I can detect differences in timbre between oscillators, but generally it isn't enough to really sway me one way or another. For me oscillator choice is more about what makes a particular oscillator unique rather than just the individual character of the basic waveforms, so the AFG's matter/antimatter, animation, sub wave, and two expo/linear FM inputs make it a huge draw for me. Without all of that it would be just another basic oscillator and would probably fall behind the other oscillator offerings pretty quickly.
i wonder if Mike Brown has considered offering to merge Livewire with another small company (like Tip Top Audio or Make Noise, for examples). That way he could get his redesigned Cyclotron out sooner and not have to worry as much about production of the modules.

TTA would make a really good match, imho, since they don't currently make any lfos or slew generators. Also, neither company makes an env generator. And the Z8000 does essentially everything that I was hoping the chaos computer was going to do.

Dead Banana Anyways, besides getting the new cyclotron design finished I wish that livewire would give us one more new alien modulator. Maybe call it "romulan modulator".

The features of the Romulan should borrow from its cousins the dalek, the vulcan and also the afg(!!!):

- dual vco's with cross fm
- multiple waveforms + ring mod
- 4 position octave switches (xlo-lo-mid-hi)
- animated pulses &/or alien saws (space permitting)
- waveshaping/distortion (space permitting)
- 24 hp width
- f'ng bright *GREEN* LEDs | cry cry !
- individual 1V/oct cv ins
- less than $600

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