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Dynamic Destiny
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Author Dynamic Destiny
Today Macro Machines is proud to announce the release of our 2nd module, the Dynamic Destiny dual 4:1 sequential Switch. The Dynamic Destiny uses high quality Analog Devices switches, allowing for flawless CV, audio and video signal switching. Each channel has independent clock and reset inputs. The Dynamic Destiny stands apart from other sequential switches with it’s built in pattern selection and clock division (/1, /2, /4, /8) for each channel. There are 11 patterns to choose from on each channel to provide every possible sequencing combination of 2, 3 or 4 steps.

The Dynamic Destiny integrates seamlessly with the Storage Strip, allowing for saving of all parameters (routings, clock divisions, and pattern selections) into the Storage Strips’ 16 memory locations. Multiple Dynamic Destiny modules (each with unique presets) can be controlled by a single Storage Strip as long as they are connected to the same busboard. All control and communication between Storage Strip and Dynamic Destiny occurs along the CV rail of the busboard.

The Dynamic Destiny is 6 HP and 20mm deep. It will retail for $185 and begins shipping 11/14.
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