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A188-2 problemo....???
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Author A188-2 problemo....???
Hi all, seems like I have a potential is the first day that I have been able to hook up my modules that I have been buying for close to a month now. The reason for this is my bus boards finally arrived today. My a188-2 sure doesn't seem to generate any "echos" nor any delay other than what seems to be almost a feedbackish pitch along with the original signal. Even with the "feedback" knob at zero (12:00) it does this. I've varied the "delay control and it does change the sound but not what I'd call a true delay nor any echos to speak of. When I listened to the mp3's of it on Doepfer's website, mine doesn't sound nearly the same even when the controls are set the same. Any help would be appreciated...I've bought so many modules recently I can't remember who I bought this one from...I'll have to check my past messages...Thanks! Jaime
Hi Jaime, I had a problem with my A-188-1:

The full sweep of the top knob (the clock) on
the module barely clears an octave, and the effect is highly
nonlinear, remaining mostly flat for 2/3 of the knob range. The
module will not go low into the heavily delayed region any
longer. No matter what combination of switch and knob settings I
try, I can't get it to improve.

This started happening right after I got the module new from AH. I contacted Dieter Doepfer, and they had the module replaced through AH. Apparently there is a burn in period, and sometimes the modules fail.

Not sure from your description if you have the same problem. Also not sure what recourse you have on a used module. Also not sure if this problem afflicts the A-188-2.
Try connecting a slowly repeating percussive audio signal into the audio input of the A-188-2, like a fast envelope on a sawtooth wave or just a quick gate on a VCA. Have it repeat about once every couple seconds or so to make it easier to listen for it. Turn all the tap knobs of channel 1 to the middle "0" position except the 3328 tap; turn the 3328 tap all the way up to +5. Adjust the mix knob of channel 1 to the middle "5/5" position.

Take a separate oscillator and run the pulse wave from it into the clock input jack of the A-188-2, labeled "Clk In." Listen to the output of Channel 1 of the A-188-2 and turn the frequency knob of the pulse wave oscillator up pretty high, probably towards the end of the knob's rotation. You should be able to hear a delay which is dependent upon the frequency of the incoming pulse wave into the clock input - the higher the pulse frequency the shorter the delay. If you hear the delay, try turning up the different taps to +5 and see if you can hear them all coming in as well. Let us know if that yields a delay signal.

Keep in mind that even at the longest 3328 tap you can't get too long of a delay signal out of it before it starts becoming pretty distorted. You should be able to get about 1/2 to 3/4 a second of delay from the 3328 tap without it being noticeably distorted; longer delays will start to get trashed up pretty quickly. Also you will be able to hear a high pitched note which coincides with the clock input - this is the clock noise and can be filtered out with any steep lowpass filter.

Funny.... whilst I was filming, NV was typing! Pretty much the same thing too.
yup, sounds like a dead bbd chip, or was it the exponential converter ? I forget . It happens every now and again.
Thank you very much for all of your help guys! Actually, I had already tried what you suggested yesterday, but recheck it again by trying it this morning. I think in my case there is something wrong with the unit. I do realize I won't get much delay on this unit, but all I seem to get is a constant "whine" when I mix in the delayed signal. The whine raises in pitch when I rotate the delay knob to the right. Sometimes it resembles a ring moded signal, but mainly just the unusable pitched whine. I listened to audio examples from the Doepfer site listed here: my unit sounds nothing like that, in fact after having heard those samples is what convinced me of buying the unit in the first place. Anyway, I have contacted the person that I purchased this from and he's been very nice and helpful, so hopefully we can get this worked out. Thanks again you guys for all the help! Jaime
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