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nik raicevic
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Author nik raicevic
nik raicivic
aka pascal
aka head
aka nik pascal

zero gravity
magnetic web
beyond the end ... eternity
the sixth ear
the so called numbers lp (same as head but on his own label(as the rest of the albums) : narco records and tapes

anyone else into his work, most lp are kind of the same, but great in my book, also great artwork by himself

i'm I the only one who have has all his lp's (except the numbers)

he used mainly moog modular and arp 2600 , ..

big inspiration for myself, but some people probably can diss it as lsd modular freak shit

"do not listen to this album if you are stoned"

lps are not cheap to find, but if you look out for awhile and focus, you can find than cheaper than 50 to 200$ the ask for some records, the numbers lp i once saw on ebay had an asking price of 350 pounds, wathever a very underrated guy in my book.

i think he deserves more recognition and especially for people in to modular stuff.
all stuff from 69 till 75 if i remember correct, than sold all his stuff to steve roach (car racer and later you know)
after never heard about him ever again
rumours he was some sort of hollywood producer, and played some percussion on a rolling stones record, ...
grap your chance there are couple of rather cheap deals on ebay right now!
Pretty spastic stuff and it had it's moments. I have zero gravity, magnetic web and sixth ear. Bought them when they were new for $6 USD each I think. The melting 'Do not listen if you are stoned' sticker was the kicker. Wish I would have kept them. Who would have known then?
Reese P. Dubin
Brilliant damaged stuff, my band is pretty constantly compared to Nik, I hear the resemblance.

Wanna start getting this stuff on vinyl, first found a blog rip of The End, that was taken from an 8 TRACK, man what I would give for one of those...
love to hear your stuff!

check him out if your into damaged sounding stuff, he was doing it in the 70's.

also check out professor emerson meyers
listening to all his lps in a row, still 2 to go, i really love the feel of those records
I have Beyond the End, which was... okay. I didn't feel compelled to check out his other stuff. Is there a better album to check out, then?
magnetic web, head, zero gravity, sixth ear

beyond the end is more primitive than the others, i like though

he is more far out, if you want really structured stuff you won't like them that much

would say give magnetic web a try more structured and some nice percussion into it too, zero gravity his last one is also pretty good
a lot of the stuff, the recording tapes couldn't handle the frequencies and the lps had shabby pressing quality

hard to say because i'm a big fan, and like that feel and primitve nature a lot, also great artwork
he was defiantly on his own planet and odd
people in weird noodles and stuff should check him out
Reality Checkpoint
I have only one and that is Zero Gravity, which I absolutely adore. Maybe should check out the rest I guess. Which would you recommend?
all of them, also the non raicevic lps on that picture!

if you adore zero gravity, you can't go wrong with the rest i think
if you look around for a while you can find the lps for ok prices

head, sixth ear, magnetic web, also beyond the end (but it comes more over like a single track (non multi) recorded album)
You can find mp3s of all the songs from The Sixth Ear here:
you can find it all except head on 2xcdr comp on creel prone or on some blog. (i thought making references to blogs wasn't cool on muff)
I have Zero Gravity on tape made from a scratchy library LP in the early 90's. It was not the best, but for the 70's 80's there was not much to choose from. I was stoked when I found this at the library along with Klaus Shulze 'Picture Music' (which I have since found on nice brand new vinyl).
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