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4ms Pedals
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Author 4ms Pedals
Roycie Roller
Has anyone tried either of these two 4ms pedal offerings?-

I have ordered both in kit form & i'm going to build both circuits into one Serge type of panel. I will try to bend as much as i can but i envisage LOTS of knobs & switches & i'll also use two joysticks i found in a tipshop just two days ago.
There's a few clips on the tube of each- the triwave reminds me of the MFOS soundlab. I reckon the triwave & swash crossed with each other will be a formidable sound maker.
i've heard good things about these, but, alas, i have yet to build my own. noise swash is high on my list to make after seeing this post: -not/
yes triwave is on my to-build list!
looks like a fantastic sound/mod source...

very interested in how your build goes.
keep us posted!
I have a Noise Swash made for me by the now MIA Troubled Variance and it's really a sick noise-distortion pedal. It's great even with just a short 1/4" cable hanging out of the input with nothing attached. There are a ton of tones and colors I can get out of this thing with just subtle knob movements. Only thing is that it's not particularly repeatable or predictable, but that's definitely part of its charm. smile
Roycie Roller
I've got the Triwave up & running. It is a GREAT tone generator, with a very diverse range of sounds. It has a very thick bass & does the 1950's era sci-fi lab bloops, bleeps & blips with ease.
As a build project, the wiring is the hardest part- roughly 40 flying wires, and several of the pots have resistors to solder to the lugs, then the wire. The pcb itself is straightforward.
I learnt that one can replace the 9v DC wallwart/ LM7809 voltage regulator configuration with a 9v alkaline battery. Simply wire the (+) positive red wire of the battery snap to where pin 2 of the 7809 is meant to go, and the (-) negative black wire of the snap to where the middle pin of the 7809 was meant to go. This is ground, and pin 2 of the 7809 is v/out. I'm not 100% sure if it's possible to do the same on some modules (or a busboard?), but potentially it could be a way to power a small, portable suitcase. If you could have battery power for such a system, then the next step would be to have a small solar panel wired up to recharge the batteries!
Initially i wanted to run the circuit on a battery so i could play with the 'dying battery' effect. But what happens is a signal gets through, but the chips stop functioning. Nothing exciting, just a constant tone. Nonetheless, battery power is good, because i still intend to cross the triwave with a Noise Swash (which i am about to build).
With a bit of luck, they will be in their housing within a few days, & i'll put up a photo.
From then on, i think i'll focus on building modules.
Roycie Roller
Here's a couple of pictures of the finished Triwave/Noise Swash in one enclosure. The enclosure is from an old valve ultrasound device. It's built to self-oscillate, but also has inputs & seems to accept module inputs ok. I like the Noise Swash so much that i'd like to build another one as a module with cv.

Soy Sos
Fuck! That wiring looks crazy as hell!
Anyway I have an Atoner. It's a nutzo fuzz and grindy ass pedal.
It can pretty much reduce anything to pure static. I haven't found much
use for it yet myself, but I'm sure it will find it's way onto something
cool pretty soon!!
WOW! i don't think you have enough FUCKIN knobs on that thing! angry

Roycie Roller
Yeah, it was pretty ridiculous. A major lesson learned was that it's probably a lot quicker to work in blocks of modules. And that flying wires suck.
It's was like trying to repair an old lady's hairpiece strand by strand. Marge Simpson
I think I need to build a Phaseur Fleur at some point... A lot less "crazy" than some of the other cool 4ms designs, but damn what a sound!

I'm thinking about building sort of a stompbox multi-fx to an enclosure I found, a bunch of small circuits with separate I/O and common power supply in one box... Fleur is definitely going to fit in it, ideally I'd want to include some kind of cool sound source like Triwave so it could be a self-contained noise box, but I don't think I could fit all the panel-mount components along with the FX controls I've planned.
Roycie Roller
Sounds good! I haven't seen the back of an STS panel, what would be good is to have slots for each pcb, i guess the same way as the back of a modular looks. Your idea is a good one, especially if each circuit has cv, & to have them all linkable and mixable.
The swash is a beauty- maybe 3"x4" pcb, 20 or so parts, 6 pots...and a real monster!
if anyone is interested in a triwave kit- i built the pcb and have twice failed at wiring up the panel. not enough patience here. i'll sell the populated pcb and all the parts i have for $50. i am tired of this pile of failure looking me in the eye.
Roycie Roller
I know what you mean...I failed a couple of times, despite meticulously wiring up each pot one at a time. Then, when it was working, and i attatched pots to the panel, the ground lugs on the jacks for volume (that go to mix & volume pots) would short out the circuit.
A bit of wire cutting got it up & running again.
I found it helped to get everything working & all of the pots wired up first, & then attatch the faceplate.
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