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other controllers for nw2s::b
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Author other controllers for nw2s::b
so cool having monome patches. Guinness ftw!
there was mention of trying soundplane control as well possibly...
has the snyderphonics manta been brought up? it seems so ideal for expressive control and we never saw a manta-mate.
thoughts? scott, have you ever checked out a manta?
Someone mentioned the manta before. They certainly look interesting, but I'm a little less familiar with the type of patches that people would use for them. (I also don't have one handy and would need to keep one around to be able to regression test it)

I do have another cheap, not typically thought of as musical, but potentially fun USB controller in the works. I'll try to get it into 1.1, but not sure it will make it - we'll see!
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