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A short term contingency plan... advice welcome
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Author A short term contingency plan... advice welcome
Excuse the bombardment of images but I could use some advice from you good people.

I might not be able to get hold of a qmmg in the timescale I'm at so this is looking like it might not happen (fingers crossed on this as its ideally what I want).

Im not going to be able to replicate all of that modules features in the same space so Im left with some other options instead and will grab tge qmmg later anyway...

As a backup plan of what is currently avaliable I'm settled on the noisering, I also would need to add a vca (oakley, or mfb if my wallet wins) and filter; I figure its a toss up between the stg post lawsuit, borg or bubblesound SEM.

Back home I have the MMF1, wasp and will add the qmmg later, so Im looking for as little overlap as possible.

Obviously the borg would overlap with the qmmg eventually but I figured it might be cool to have both and the fact its 2 HP smaller means I wont have to butcher my freshly made case as I would the other 2 (1hp off! very frustrating)

Your thoughts and advices please
Advice on modules to me is like advice on restaurants - everyone will think differently and giv you different answers. As with any piece of studio gear, you need to figure out what will do what you want and get it. Modular tends to really be trial and error in the beginning. Based on those images above, I don't really know what you want to do. A VCO, envelope/function generator, filter and VCA are standard synth signal flow. I would throw in another dedicated VCO or two and skip the PP for now, unless that's the only way you're controlling them. The PP will actually run off 9v battery and you don't need to put it in a euro case at all. I would also skip the MATHS and get a VCADSR as I prefer a full envelope - especially if it's the only one I would have. For roughly the same price as MATHS, you could get two doepfer a141 VCADSRs. It doesn't have any of the extra functions obviously as the MATHS, but this is where research on your part is needed. Like for instance - a QMMG with one VCO doesn't make sense to me at all.

People - please add more fuel to the fire...
^ Thanks for the input. To be a bit clearer about my situation that 'setup' is part of an order that I have incoming to where I am now (Bangkok), which I have a case for and will go home (UK) with me to be integrated into a larger setup. These modules were chosen (with the exception of the oakley VCA) as they will save me a fair bit of cash getting them from the states as opposed to back home. Its basically a tax dodge. thumbs up

I built a case just to have some fun with the toys and learn a bit more before I leave in a couple of months... not looking for a perfect setup, just something to play around on and learn a bit about each module.

Here is an image (roughly- Ill be a QMMG down) of what I have in the UK:

EDIT: I guess what Im asking is which of the three filters above would give me the most flexibility as part of the larger system and the least overlap.

For example I really like what I've heard of the STG, though I wonder if it is a bit too similar to the MMF-1 in LP mode.
The post lawsuit seems very useful and different to the others I have, whereas the borg seems more of the same (eventually when I had the QMMG) though very flexible as it doubles as a VCA.
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