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freq/phase/ring + other modulations with oscillators
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Author freq/phase/ring + other modulations with oscillators
CZ Rider wrote:

There was the Aries AR-338 "PMS" oscillator that was based on the SSM2030 chip. They called this Phase Modulated Sync though and may not be exactly the same as PM, but did look interesting.

No, it has nothing to do with phase modulation, although it is interesting. Most sync inputs just reset the slave oscillator on the rising or falling edge of the input signal. This circuit feeds the sync input into a comparator. If you input (for example) a triangle wave into the sync, you can effectively generate an edge at any point of the waveform. As a result, the slave oscillator can be offset against the sync oscillator.
You can of course do this with any oscillator which has a sync input, if you have a spare comparator - input an audio frequency triangle wave and an LFO into the comparator, and the comparator output into the other oscillator sync input. You may want to mix the two oscillators to make the effect obvious.
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CZ Rider wrote:
Not sure what it would sound like? [...] Surprised no one has cloned that one, but could be due to the rarity of the SSM2030.

The Nonlinearcircuits VCO has features from the Aries VCO.
these vcos look interesting, especially the nonlinearcircuits one, very sergeseque!

im beginning to think digital its the way to go in modulation oscillators as my pure data synth is sounding extremely nice. here is a sound sample called "antarctica", kind of a ppg wave 2100 ;-)

this is variable width pulse train oscillator -> double ringmodulator in just tunings -> tremolo -> mono delay -> schippmann vcf-02 vcf -> slightly detuned stereo delay
btw: does anybody know any other interesting frequency modulations besides fm/pm/rm? anything that generates a new spectrum out of 2 frequencies ...
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it seems like all modulations if done right will make new frequencies. smile have you found any that haven't?

i really like pulse width. sync and pulse code are good too. smile

phase mod is just inverted am? tbh, i get confused on the terminology going between software, hardware, theory, visual + audio...i don't know if i feel like i really need any more modulations! wink then when you start combining them! the "problem" when you're patching up is you can go much faster than you can understand it. (it's not really a problem lol ) then throw some slews in anywhere and start modulating the slew amount...and feedback...

but i think my favorite modulation is direction... it seems like not enough stuff let's you do that without mega patching. what is direction modulation called? amplitude, frequency, phase, sync mod? like string vibration or striking an object...

or jitter? lol the analogy of how it works "physically" that i remember reading is that it's like a wave hitting a wall and it bounces back if not dampened. tbh, that's a pretty great sound to me! it's the kind of thing i'm always taking the time patching up at

doepfer quad vc lfo gets nice syncing the phase flip with the sync and direction. even though it's only 8 stages i like the a152 voltage addressed switch to help visualize sync to get my sines working.. i usually use nord modular or software, but they get their own weird jitter too... smile

demodulation is really fun also. smile imo both together are best. lol
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