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Kobol VCO Based starter system
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Author Kobol VCO Based starter system
I really love the sound of the mos-lab kobal VCO, enough that it's changed my mind from starting with eurorack. From this video

I was planning to build a mos-lab system around it, but it turns out that the kobol VCO is 15+/- v and the rest of mos lab stuff is 12+/- v. My understanding is that makes it only compatible with stuff, cluboftheknobs, moon modular and modcan B. Is that correct?

In the future I'd really like to be able to expand with the classic moog clones.

In the video I posted above the module is in a case with other mos-lab kit, I think that they just don't make the other modules any more? or is there an easy 15v-12v adaptor?

I have an analog four, so my plan is to use that for sequencing, lfo's and envelopes. I really just want some different oscillators and some filters for the time being.
A fine idea!

Speak to Seb at Mos-Lab and I'm sure he will be able to supply what you need. I have several Mos-Lab modules running via a small adaptor that Seb shipped with them which is in turn plugged into my +15/-15V dotcom power supply.

If you buy a dotcom supply (for example) then you can run the Kobol VCOs direct from that, and the other Mos-Lab modules via the adaptor.

This means you're building a MU (also known as 'dotcom') set-up, compatible with, COTK, Oakley, Moon, Corsynth, Macbeth, STG Soundlabs and many others. This link to Modular Grid shows a good range of the modules available in this format.

Gringo Starr
Did the Kobol Filter ever get released?
Gringo Starr wrote:
Did the Kobol Filter ever get released?

I think Seb just jumped straight to the full Kobol synth instead.!kobol-project/c156d Drunken Homer Simpson
Gringo Starr
That kinda sucks. When I ordered the Kobol Oscillators Seb had said that the Filters were coming. That slightly influenced my purchase. But I probably would have bought them anyways. I hope he does do a batch at some point.
They are coming... at least it's on his list as of my conversation from this past May.

"The 3x LFO module, the 981 multiband filter module and the future kobol VCF module will be produced on the future, it's sure !"

Having ordered 3 rounds of the 9xx series Moog clones from MOS-LAB, each 6-months goes by fairly quickly and that seems to be his backlog. Now that Kobol Expander pre-order period has closed, this may be happening along with the 984 Mixer that he's got on his 'news' feed. If I had to guess, it would be sometime in 2016 but what do I know ... It will warrant it's own case and I plan on going all-in on one.

With regard to your power dilemma, you should look to pickup one of the Mean Well supplies that sells, except do so through a local electronic distributor in Germany as you'll save $$ that way. The dotcom power standard is simple and well documented.
Have PCBs kits available at
also think Seb is toying with the idea of a new RSF line..
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