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Malekko Borg n Boogie?
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Author Malekko Borg n Boogie?
The first call filters for me are Plan B M12, Livewire Frequensteiner and Analogue Systems RS110 - I am wondering what the Borg n Boogie add to this Holy Trinity? Some of you must have had these cool kids on the block filters for a while now. How are they settling in? Have you find things they excel at? Places they go where other filters don't?

I have spent a few hours with them and they seem quite similar until it gets to the resonance, really smooth and high quality and very, errm, nice. A bit like the DSI Evolver Low Pass in their tightness and lucidity (as that a word?). But I feel like I am missing something, after all, they are Wiard so should they be Weird??? Maybe they reveal more over time? Please tell me what am I missing.
I don't have anything quantitative for you here, as I owned them all at different times. (Frac Boogies a few years back, a Plan B M12MkII about two years ago, and a Borg now.)

Someone who has them all concurrently may be able to help you more.

Feature-wise, I really like the Boogie the most. External pole mixing is fun, the sound is great. It can get a little chirpy sometimes, but has a smooth overall sound, can get growly with some FM, and FMs fairly well overall for a Vactrol-based filter. I wish the resonance responded to lower frequencies at self oscillation, but other filters do this just fine. (so I suppose that can be remedied by picking one up)

The Borg seems to have a bit more growl to it (I know, nice subjective loose terminology,) works perfectly as an LPG, the new ones have two inputs, and two outs, which you can get very slight stereo imaging with at different res-values... (not sure on the specifics, but I've noticed it, and I think Grant mentioned it in another thread) This one also cuts off fairly high in self oscillation (is there a mod that can be done for this?)

The M12, (from memory) sounded nice, smooth, and had slightly bubblier resonance. I found it to be a little more boring maybe than the Wiards, but good, (and that may be a little bias on my part even though I like Plan B modules in general.) It doesn't self oscillate, so that's not even a concern here.

I didn't keep the M12 as long as I kept the Boogies when I had them, and I have no intention of ever ditching the Borg I have now. Will be picking up a Wiard/Malekko Boogie fairly soon to compliment the Borg.

A few cents from memory colored with Wiard bias. grin
For me, the response curve of a Borg to any gate or quick linear slope CV is just the chewiest sound. The Non-vactrol filters I have all have their character but the Borg is just so ROUND. I'm up to 3 Borgs II, 2 Borgs I, and if I'm lucky the RLPG can be tweaked to be close enough that I'll get 4 more of them. I'm just in love with the sound and go to it first nearly 100% of the time.
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