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envelator - what am I missing
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Author envelator - what am I missing
Nelson Baboon
ok - all knobs in, and not in cycle mode. I've tried several gating sources, but with any of them, the led stays on, and I get a steady signal, as if an envelope is not being used at all. Turning the attack and decay knobs does nothing at all. Is this thing broken, or am I just having a bad night?
It took me a bit to realize it's designed like the Serge DSG. Knobs at full clockwise are at 0 rest. If you set it like the MATH and others, you'll have super long gates. Try that.

I love mine. the Delay function is what sets it apart, though I don't get why you have to pull the knob out to engage it when the knob does nothing when in. Out, at clockwise full is same as not having it on at all.

Clockwise = zero took me a bit, too.
Nelson Baboon
hah - well, you know, I guess I just wasn't thorough, because I thought of that, but thought that I had already tried it. Since it's working now, I guess I was mistaken...
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