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Brit Wigglers :: where do you get your cases from?
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Author Brit Wigglers :: where do you get your cases from?
cos im still in the planning stage at the moment and need the first and most obvious part, the case / racks / whatever you call it.

given that my DIY skills extend to flatpack only, i am going to rule out building my own.

so im left with two obvious sources providing the same thing: EMIS and supplying the doepfer cases.
my plan at the moment is to get the doepfer LC9 (low cost 3 rack box) as i cant quite justify the extra money for the flightcased box (even though it looks prettier and is more portable) and i can get my girlfriend to paint/decorate the box for me)

i have seen several much nicer cases though - some nice 4-row ones with some angled panels..
the question is - what choices do we have aside from the ones ive mentioned?
seriously, i just don't get it
I like Thomann because of the 3 year warranty. I'm a big fan of the LC9 case as it is very compact, I much prefer them to the rack cases which I think are a bit too deep for my liking.

I just varnish mine for the old "school desk" look LOL
I know this isn't the answer you wanna hear, but I bought the DIY Kit and built my own version of the LC9. I actually got the ply for free but even if you bought it it wouldnt cost much. I'm sure a timber yard would cut it to size for you, then it's just a case of drilling a few holes and screwing it together.

Not hard - almost like flatpacking hihi
darenager wrote:

I just varnish mine for the old "school desk" look LOL

Straight outta' MFI.
cool. how long does it take for them to ship stuff across here?
Modular world is an option too, though youd have to pay a bit of import tax depending on what the value was declared as...
hawklord2112 wrote:
cool. how long does it take for them to ship stuff across here?

My 3 Thomann orders have each taken just under a week end-to-end - that's with items showing as in-stock.
Thomann are fine and quick when they have stock and when everything works but it's a pain in the arse to deal with them if you have problems with any of your kit at a later stage. I've bought Doepfer from both them and Andy at EMIS and had a much better service overall from Andy.

I know EMIS prices are usually higher than Thomann but there isn't a great deal in it once you factor in the "Doepfer club" discount. Unless you are really chasing every last penny down it's worth supporting the local guy, especially if you hit a problem with any of your new modules.

I've had three Dead Banana Doepfer modules, two from Andy and one from Thomann. With Andy I was sorted out by return of post. Thomann took so long I ended up cancelling the order and reordered from Andy instead. Delivered the next day. thumbs up

And, as for cases, there is a gaping hole in the market here in the UK for someone to open up a monorocket franchise.
Emergency Librarian
I've had cases from both EMIS and Thomann and had no problems with either.

Right now I'm starting to think about getting a new case and would love to get a Monorocket one but I'm not sure how economical it would be after shipping, VAT, etc.
The Asterism
Big +1 on the need for more case options here in the UK.

I wish Bob Williams would make a Samsonite Aysys suitcase!

I'm probably going to bite the bullet and get a Modular World in once they're back in stock, expecting the total damage to be about £315 including import duty.

I just bought a 2nd hand LC9 from EMIS for £199 and they had another 2nd hand one spare...

As portability isn't an issue for me compared to the MW case this was a no-brainer.
Anybody in the UK bought from ModularWorld yet?

And if so, how much tax did you actually pay? Is there a sneaky workaround?
Electronic Battle
eBay UK - auction 220548683715 - is a pair of Schroff rails for a tenner plus a fiver postage.

To make a 9U case, three sets of rails is less than 45 quid - plus some wooden end cheeks. Then a power supply and distribution board from Elby designs or Doepfer or MFB for that matter: a lot lot less than the cost of buying ready-made. I'll be doing a DIY case for certain.
After looking at DIY I came to the conclusion that the money saved didn't justify the parts sourcing and build time unless it was 12U and up.

So I decided a Doepfer case at least is still easily to sell on at the point I will go on to a DIY 'Monster' case or larger (and I definitely will).

Really to scrape off £50 on the case when you're building a system which you'll easily spend £2000 filliing with modules seems like a minor concern.. of course unless you're still deluded about the spending thousands of pounds bit smile
the bad producer
I made all my cases apart from my first, saved myself thousands, not £50 here and there...

the bad producer wrote:
I made all my cases apart from my first, saved myself thousands, not £50 here and there...


um.. read my post again maybe? smile
the bad producer wrote:
I made all my cases apart from my first, saved myself thousands

Where did you get your rails from? I'm struggling to find a reliable UK source. Power and distros are easy enough but the rails really have me stumped.
Electronic Battle
MFB power supply and distribution:
That's 65 quid from Thomann

2 Rails as per eBay tenner a go, times three for a 9U case, plus postage = 45 quid

Grade 1 12mm Plywood end cheeks - an 8' x 4' sheet is 15 quid so getting one cut to size locally is maybe another fiver on top - you get end cheeks, back, top if you want out of the sheet.

Tin of varnish/stain etc. is a fiver if you want it to look good

All in costs about 135 quid for a 9U case.

Compare with buying a ready-made 9U case from Doepfer:
A-100LC9 Low-Cost-Koffer 9HE / low cost suitcase 9U, 230V

280 euro

So you can half the cost if you have a spare weekend. That's a saving of 140 euro (pounds), not fifty. Or you could build a 12U case for the same wood costs, just add another pair of rails for another tenner.
um... like I said, my LC9 cost me £199 and I'll probably get that back when I sell it to build a 24U DIY case.

As for what a weekend is worth, more than £50 to me thumbs up
the bad producer
Sorry funtykiqs, it just galls me that case price is still a problem hindering people from getting started with a modular, I mean, when I started out cases were really prohibitively expensive, but as I didn't know what a case 'was' I had to buy one... Nowadays there are more options, but it is still an expensive PITA for something that should be cheaper in my eyes...

I suppose if I'd done more research then I wouldn't have lost money on that first case, I think the best way is to make it yourself (if you can) and as your system grows you can redesign it, keeping the bits that cost money (the PSU, busboards etc) and chuck the rest (or make a spice rack with it)

The cheapest Doepfer 6U option is the DIY case at £117, with a DIY PSU or one off ebay, and some wood this could cost you less than half as a DIY option, and it could be bigger, giggable and be exactly how you want (short and fat, tall and thin, curved, pink, tweed covered etc)

I believe that any money saved is justified though, and I had trouble selling my first case, as it had been 'used'...

That all being said, the Doepfer LC9 is pretty great, just to get something to plug and play for that amount of money, it is big enough to last for a while... as you say, your weekend is worth more than £50, and nothing is better than having a system with ideas for a larger one in the future being inspired by how you use what you've got.

@Umcorps - for the rails I rip pine down to 8mm strips and fix them into the case at each end, if I move modules around too much and the wood gets knackered I just unscrew and replace... TBH though I've only done this once or twice.
I still come back to the premise that anyone who finds the price of a case a barrier to entry should consider that maybe starting a habit which WILL consume thousands of pounds is probably not wise smile

Also I don't think it even is just a weekends work, it probably took me a week of evenings researching how best to build a case when I came to conclusion that I would have been better off writing music instead and wait until I needed a monster..
the bad producer
hmmm, that it is something I guess I have to (sort of) agree with! Guinness ftw!

I suppose I'm in denial, but then I do make a lot of my modules and get very happy with myself that I can save quite a bit of money in that respect...

eg Maths = £205, DIY Buchla 281 = £40

'Habit' is the right word though, Doepfer et al should do cases at a loss just to get people hooked lol
you're not the average consumer though I don't think. even in modular world smile

I think a background of working freelance makes me wary of chasing savings which actually hide a tremendous amount of time researching, gathering resources and building etc. (I'm not saying that stuff isn't fun or rewarding though)

I guess it's a by-product of always having my hourly and daily work rate stuck in my head smile
the bad producer
I also agree with that, I used to be freelance, and though I had more time, found I spent most of it pursuing work, worrying about work, and budgeting.

I got a full time job now at the place I used to freelance, and now I don't stress so much, I can spend all day planning stuff to build (and my hourly rate doesn't get stuck in my head so much!) meaning I can spend more time making music and things at home... gotta leave soon though, fulltime job = waah

Back on-topic though, Mark Snipz (he who is hosting London modular meet) got a flightcase from these people:

(from this thread here: 5789 )


nice case.

I just recently went fulltime at the place I was freelancing at as it goes.. freelance was getting scary with the recession and all, I earnt more in theory when freelance but like you say spent every hour finding more work. I've found that at least a fulltime job lets me plan spunking my wad on modules in a predictable fashion nanners
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