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Introducing ADDAC702 Dual Voltage Controlled Filter
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Author Introducing ADDAC702 Dual Voltage Controlled Filter
Hello all,

Very glad to introduce this module to our ever growing line of products.

We have this one working for quite a while now but wanted to finish the first batch before announcing it, so here it is

ADDAC702 Dual Voltage Controlled Filter:

First limited batch is in stock, just email us at:
addac [at] addacsystem [dot] com


.Two independent filters, a High-Pass and a Low-Pass with dedicated audio inputs and outputs.

.Besides individual outputs the HP and LP are also sent to a voltage-controlled Mix between the HP and LP filters.

.Both Cutoff and Resonance are voltage-controlled with dedicated cv attenuator pots.

.Switch for selecting between normal cutoff behaviour and an adjustable Smooth circuit to simulate a vactrol behaviour for cutoff control.

.Switch for setting filters Filters in Parallel (independent) or Series (HP > LP).

.Inspired by the Oscar synthesizer we added a Coupling switch to tie the HP Cutoff control to the LP Cutoff control, in this case the LP cutoff controls act as an offset from HP setting.

.Three position switch selects different resonance clipping paths: diodes / no clipping / leds.

.Both filters features a post Distortion/Fuzz circuit that adds extra harmonics adds an even deeper growl or extra gritiness to it.

.All audio outputs (HP, Mix, LP) feature a switch for choosing phase output, allowing additive or subtractive mixes.

.Three Leds monitor the amplitude of the three outputs (HP, Mix, LP).

Nice hyper
Any audio demo?
Looks great. Would love to hear a demo.
Hopefully we'll have one in a few weeks!
All the very best
SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! we're not worthy
what's the BP/NP and NP/BP outputs? BandpPass and Notch or what? anyways, looks stellar as always!
thumbs up
__ag wrote:

.Switch for selecting between normal cutoff behaviour and an adjustable Smooth circuit to simulate a vactrol behaviour for cutoff

Does it mean it can be pinged with a triger like à Lpg ?
Any word on demos? I'm keen to see how it compared to the intellijel one?
Hello all,

Here are the new videos for ADDAC702!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Please send me one !
The range of the resonance knobs seems a bit narrow, both filters go into self-oscillation at just under 50% resonance. I'm curious what the reason was for this choice? Is there a way to provide more range before self oscillation?
Hey jarvis

I thought that when looking at these vids but it doesnt really concern me now i have my hands on one. .... Its just very interactive ... The cuttoff and res interact alot... And the three way diode switch also changes things up alot.

Its a very very powerful and interesting filter

Fuzz is gooood

thumbs up
I sent an email to ADDAC Systems regarding controlling the resonance behavior. Their response: "...the module features trimmers on the panel face that allow you to make this adjustment." That was all I needed to know! Now I'm on the waiting list for the next run. applause
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