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Dark Star Chaos info
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Author Dark Star Chaos info

I just got a semi-functional Blacet Dark Star Chaos (powers up, but no output) that someone else DIY'ed, and I'd like to try and get it going.

I have the basic manual from the Blacet site which diagrams the panel wiring, but doesn't include the rest of the assembly, parts list etc included in the full manual which i'd like to refer to.. I haven't been able to find a pdf online, I'm wondering if anyone around here has a copy?

Blacet is usually pretty good about providing documentation if you ask nicely. He doesn't post his schematics etc. online for intellectual property reasons, but since the module is discontinued I don't think he would have a problem sharing the info with you. Regarding the repair, the first place I would look is the SN chip.
Thanks for the tips thumbs up

I've read that the SN chip is sort of notorious for popping out, i'll check it first thing when i get the dark star in the mail.
And also will see if Blacet can hook me up with documents.
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